Five Things Making Me Smile Lately

1. Garage nights with Jimmy. We’ve both been working on some projects a few nights a week in our garage and I so cherish that time we spend together painting, sanding, sawing, and creating. I’ll share what we’ve been working on soon! Completing projects together reminds me of the time right before we got married, when Jimmy helped me make a shoe shine box for my dad. Good memories 🙂

Working in garage

2. Indy. My sister’s puppy, Indy is so sweet. Hannah, Indy, and I spent the day together this past week and it was such a sweet day of laughter, pet sitting, and catching up. Hannah and I filmed a vlog that day, too, if anyone wants to see Indy in action! He got along so well with Lola and the dogs I pet sat. He’s a good boy 🙂

Golden Retriever Puppy

3. Baking Projects. I’m on to my next baking project! I’m making Princess Leia cupcakes for Leia’s first birthday party! I can’t believe she’s going to be a year old already. Time flies when you’re having fun 🙂

Princess Leia Cupcake

4. Gardening. Jimmy and I both agreed that our zucchini is the biggest it has ever been before. I think it’s from all the rain we’ve been getting here in Pittsburgh this summer. It’s kind of hard to tell in the picture, but the zucchini plant is up to my waist! Crazy, but we are loving it. Something else we’re loving? The landscaping fabric we put down in the garden this year. We have done zero hours of weeding and it is glorious!

Garden with zucchini

5. Pet sitting. I think I’ve mentioned pet sitting in every one of my posts for the past couple of years, ha. Business is busy and fun and challenging. When I was a child, it was my biggest and wildest dream to be able to work with animals one day. Now, I’m with animals all day, every day. I know a lot of people probably think it’s silly that I’m pretty much living out my career dream by pet sitting, but that’s just who God made me to be 🙂

Dog walking

What has been making you smile lately?



  1. Reading your blog makes me smile!
    BTW, I love the shoe shine box you and Jimmy made for me, use it all the time!

  2. Making me smile is spending time with my mom and dad. It’s been a long road and I never thought I’d say that…but praise God here we are!

  3. I love that you pet sit. I know it’s not really a career type of job, but my friend does it here and makes a pretty good amount of money from it as a side gig. Plus you get to be around animals so it’s something everyone does because they enjoy but it still brings you joy and some money. I’m glad you got to spend the day with Hannah and that your garden is doing well!

    1. Thanks, Amy! Yeah, it wouldn’t be tough to make a living as a pet sitter. I’d either be broke or super burned out from working 24/7 haha. It is a nice and fun way to make some extra money while doing what I love!

  4. That zucchini plant is huge! You’re going to have a plentiful harvest and yay for NO WEEDING! Good call on the landscaping fabric. Also I think it’s great that you pet sit and love it so much. It’s a win-win – you get to be around animals and pet owners have peace of mind knowing their four legged (presumably) family members are under the care of someone who will treat them really well.

    1. The landscaping fabric has been so, so awesome! I wish I lived nearby so I could give you guys some zucchini! We have so much and we just keep giving it to anyone we know because we can’t eat it all ourselves, haha.

      Yay for pet sitting 🙂 I wish I could watch Rue and Kiki!!

  5. That zucchini plant is so big! Wow! And how sweet that you guys have been spending time working in the garage together. I’m looking forward to seeing the projects you guys are working on!

  6. Oh my gosh I wish I could snug with Indy, how precious!!! I love that you and Jimmy have garage nights, I love DIY projects their so much fun because you can make whatever and truly make it your own!

    xo, JJ

  7. Oh my goooodness! Indy is so cute, I can’t even stand it. You are such an expert in the baking arena, those cupcakes are adorable! I love that you and Jimmy have a garden. My friend that lives in Pittsburgh gardens as a career! I wonder if ya’ll are close! Pet sitting sounds like such fun too. DJ and I want a dog SOO bad. Have a great rest of your week, girl!

    1. Aww, thanks for the baking compliment, Mackenzie! That means a lot!!

      I read your post about your friend’s wedding, and the venue is about 20-25 minutes from me!!

      I hope you and DJ get a dog sometime in the future!! Are you thinking any specific breed? Adoption? I want to hear all about your dog dreams!

      1. WHAT ! Only 20 minutes away?! Gosh darn, I really wish we could have grabbed coffee or something!!! And oh mann DJ is hard core Rhodesian ridgeback obsessed. I want a mutt from the pound and I also love vizslas!!!!

      2. I knoooow!! Next time for sure! And I love Rhodesian Ridgebacks! They’re super cool dogs! I can totally see you with a pound puppy or running with a Vizsla!

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