A Beautiful Sight

My eyes have been seeing all sorts of beautiful things this week! Namely, my new nephew!

Baby boy Lawson with name hat

Say hello to Lawson! My sister and brother-in-law welcomed him on Wednesday afternoon and I cannot wait to meet him and hold him. He’s such a cutie pie. Hannah had a whirlwind labor, going into the hospital at 10:50 am and having Lawson at 2:14 pm. Go Han!

Another beautiful sight? Niva was reunited with one of the dogs I found that ran away from home in January. Her fur mom and I exchanged phone numbers when everything happened and made plans to get together when the weather was better.

I just loved watching the dogs run around the yard (yay fence extension!) and was able to relate to my new friend on how crazy owning a Siberian Husky really is, haha!

Hearing about her dog’s antics made me feel a bit more sane with all the wild things Niva has done (eating brownie mix, running away, almost breaking Sadie’s nose, chewing a diaper, jumping on our table and counters, eating a bottle of melatonin etc.) 😉

Another beautiful sight has been homemade pierogies (<– a Pittsburgh staple!) from Dorothy 6 Blast Furnace Cafe. Mavis’ owner helps make the pierogies for the restaurant (her brother owns it) and treated us to some glorious potato and jalapeño pierogies 😍

And with all that beautifulness, I’m off to start my day! Sadie has her 2.5 year checkup this morning, I need to grab some cupcakes supplies at the store (I’m making some for my friend’s son’s 2nd birthday!), and then we will be meeting my nephew tonight!

Have you ever had pierogies?

What’s something beautiful you’ve seen lately?