trail walk

Pets and Dancing

Hello and Happy Sunday! I’m glad everyone enjoyed the picture of Jax (my brother’s new puppy) in my last post.

Since Jax was such a hit, I want to share a video of him hanging out with Lola and Brandy.

Brandy and Lola love Jax! They all have a grand ol’ time romping around the house!

Since I’m in the pet/video mood, here’s a short clip from a snowy trail walk Lola and I went on this week.

The high temperature for the day was 13°F, and when I took my hand out of my mitten to film the video it stung from the cold air. That’s probably why the video is so short!!

I haven’t been on YouTube in ages! I was looking through my videos, and found this gem from two years ago. Turn your volume down before you play it because Hannah screams at the beginning, haha!



The weather was amazing in Pittsburgh this past Sunday. It was in the 70s and only a little cloudy. A real miracle ;).

So what did Jimmy and I decide to do after church to enjoy the beautiful weather? We went for a trail walk in a local park!

First, I wanted to be my typical self and take a picture of Jimmy and me. My camera is goofy (jk, it’s me that is horrible at operating technology!).

In one of its programming modes, the button I press to take a picture gets really “touchy.” So touchy, that sometimes before I even touch the button, it takes a picture. I always forget about that and then end up laughing at the pictures I accidentally take.

Like this one:Alright, I guess Jimmy was ready and looking cute. I was just looking all surprised and whatnot.

So we tried again (and again..):Much better.


Off we went on our little walk, just enjoying the scenery and talking about surgeries. What, you and your loved ones don’t talk about surgeries while on walks?! Okay, I will admit that it’s just me. Jimmy thinks it’s totally gross when I ask him to join me in watching You Tube videos of people having knee surgery or having fluid taken out of their lungs. I think it’s just the coolest thing ever.

We walked for about two miles, stopped at a local pet store to buy catnip for Lily (my sister’s cat) and then when home to chow on pork roast for dinner.

Jimmy and I were sitting at my kitchen table eating and we both noticed a bug crawling on his arm. It was a tick!

This picture looked much less… intense than some other ones that I found…

So I did what any good girlfriend would do: I picked the tick off of his arm and tried to squish it between my fingers.

That darn bug wouldn’t die.

So I did what any desperate girlfriend would do. I dropped the tick into the candle that was burning on the kitchen table.

That darn bug died!

Of course, when Jimmy and I were telling our little tick story to some friends at church, he (jokingly) claimed that it jumped out of my hair. HA!

Then I started to get freaked out and asked my mom to check my hair for ticks. No worries though, she checked, and I didn’t have any 🙂

Have you ever had a tick?!