The best kind of comfort

You guys are the sweetest. Really. Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my last post. I read and reread every comment (I am going to reply to them, too!), and they all provided such great insight and wisdom! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will likely post more about what I’ve learned in my next post.

I’m feeling a lot better about  everything now. My family’s pets always comfort me and make me feel better when I’m bummed out. Pet comfort = the best kind of comfort.

Pets and Dancing

Hello and Happy Sunday! I’m glad everyone enjoyed the picture of Jax (my brother’s new puppy) in my last post.

Since Jax was such a hit, I want to share a video of him hanging out with Lola and Brandy.

Brandy and Lola love Jax! They all have a grand ol’ time romping around the house!

Since I’m in the pet/video mood, here’s a short clip from a snowy trail walk Lola and I went on this week.

The high temperature for the day was 13°F, and when I took my hand out of my mitten to film the video it stung from the cold air. That’s probably why the video is so short!!

I haven’t been on YouTube in ages! I was looking through my videos, and found this gem from two years ago. Turn your volume down before you play it because Hannah screams at the beginning, haha!