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Mordecai’s Birth Story

I still can’t believe Mordecai is here and real! I’m here to share his birth story, so buckle up and get ready for lots of TMI 😜

Newborn baby with black hat

Before I start, here’s a little background info: I went into labor spontaneously at 40 weeks + 5 days and we had our son at a freestanding birth center in downtown Pittsburgh. (more…)


Pregnancy Diary October 23rd: The Final Few Weeks

I’ve got a couple more weeks until baby makes his arrival! Well, now that I’m full term, he could come any day… or next month. You never know!

37 week pregnant girl sitting in car

If he decides to arrive sooner rather than later, we are excited to meet him! If he comes closer to the 42 week mark, that gives us more time to prepare and spend time as a family of three. And sleep. Can’t forget sleeping! (more…)