A Few Favorites

Happy Saturday! I wanted to share a few favorites as of late since I haven’t done it in a while. Some are things, some are moments, and all are definitely random πŸ˜‰

Toddler in dress standing by flowers and smiling

–> Sadie spent the day at my in-laws this week and she had such a good time! I loved seeing pictures of her swimming, swinging, and just loving life with her grandparents. Another bonus? She slept like a rock that night!

–> The concept of “knee mail.” I was reading this book and one of the authors was talking about how instead of email, we have “knee mail,” where we can get on our knees and talk to God. I thought that was such a cool play on words.

–> My daily time in God’s word. I’ve been trying to incorporate more than just morning Bible time by listening to sermons while I fold laundry, podcasts while I walk Niva, etc. and it’s just so encouraging. Side note, I’m almost finished up with Life in His Presence, sooo if anyone has any recommendations I’m all ears!

Life in His Presence by Sarah Young and Bible

–> I wasn’t paying attention when I poured milk into my cereal and accidentally used half and half instead of soy milk. It was the most decadent cereal experience I’ve ever had πŸ˜‚

–> Getting the garden planted felt so wonderful. Definitely a highlight of my week!

–> Baking, experimenting, and just generally having fun in the kitchen. Lots of granola orders were baked this week and I managed to add a new flavor to the shop πŸ€—

Granola on baking sheets

–> Sadie, Jimmy, and I went to the library on a rainy day and it was so sweet. It’s usually just me and her when we make our library trips, so having Jimmy with us was extra special!

–> Finding joy in the little everyday moments. Listening to Sadie talk while she plays with her toys, taking Niva on a walk and admiring the greenery in our neighborhood, and holding hands with Jimmy and Sadie while we pray before dinner. Those small moments are the best.

–> I was feeling dehydrated the other day and picked up a gatorade. It hit the spot!

Gatorade cherry ice

Tell me a few of your favorites!



  1. The picture of Sadie next to the bright flowers is just beautiful thank you for sharing!

    Love You!

  2. One of my favorites… Seeing so many blog posts pop up from you lately!! They always make me smile!
    Another favorite… Seeing your homemade granola waiting for me in my mailbox!!! Cannot wait to try it! πŸ™‚

      1. The granola is FANTASTIC!!! Girl, you’re amazing! Thank you sooooo much! You are selling great quality granola, and I’m obsessed!

  3. So positive and such a ray of sunshine! No matter what, you always seem to have good things to say. Weirdly enough, I found your blog through the post that you wrote about your whole family having the stomach flu, and I couldn’t BELIEVE how positive you managed to stay throughout what seemed like a catastrophe. Seriously, I just love your outlook on life and every post brings me joy.

  4. That certainly sounds like a decadent bowl of cereal, haha!

    Look at you with all your granola!! So proud, friend!

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