Two Puppies, A Dog, and A Sick Toddler

The title of this post pretty much sums up my Sunday. Totally random, but kind of to be expected for me 😂

I’m a pet sitter on Rover and I received a last-minute booking on Saturday night for the next day. I let the owner know I would be available to have the puppy stay at my house between church services if that worked (it did!).

At 11:30 pm on Saturday, Sadie woke up crying and asking for medicine. She came down with a cold and was sneezing and crying and pitiful. We spent the night going from bed to bed to couch with her trying to get her comfortable. Let’s just say nobody got more than a couple of hours of sleep 😉

Sick toddler

By Sunday morning, Jimmy and I decided that I would stay home from church with Sadie since we didn’t want her giving any of the other kids a cold.

Then I got another last-minute booking on Rover. I have been a sitter on Rover for a while and I haven’t had bookings for months. Suddenly I had two in one day?! Must be the Memorial Day weekend 🤷‍♀️

I made sure to check with both owners if they were okay with each other’s dogs being at my house and they were cool, so we spent the day with two puppies, Niva, and a sick toddler.

Siberian husky playing with Shepherd puppy and another dog

It was kind of funny, because I was reading my devotion book the other day and it was talking about not fitting our days and plans into a preconceived mold and instead accepting what God has in store. When I read it I was like yeah! Fast forward to Sunday, when I’m usually at church, listening to a sermon and fellowshipping with our Christian family.

Instead Sadie was sneezing on my face, I wanted to take a nap, was juggling two puppies with different personalities, and our own wild dog. It was a day 😂 I thought about that devotion a lot throughout the day, though. I couldn’t have planned a more odd day, but it forced me to lean on God more than my normal Sunday routine would have.

It wasn’t all hard, though! It was fun to spend time with other dogs. I often miss my full-time pet sitting days. Niva got nice and worn out from all the playing, and Sadie loved spending time with the puppies!

Toddler petting puppy

With that said, here’s to hoping today is a just a little more normal 😉


  1. I’m so glad you surveyed you ‘extremely different’ Sunday!
    Those dogs were both adorable, and I’m praying our little Sadie Mae is feeling a bit better!?
    Love you

  2. I hope Sadie is feeling much better, now! Weather is suppose to warm up dramatically in the next week! Hopefully, better days are coming, as well as full sleep at night for all! I think if you often, and send my love!❤🌞🌈

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