A Different Kind of Monday

We had a totally different kind of Monday than we usually do. We spent the day at the Pittsburgh Zoo with my family! We had relatives from New York visiting, so we took them to one of our favorite places in the ‘Burgh. 

Family at Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium

Real life pictures with a toddler ^^^

It had been over a year since we last took Sadie to the zoo, so we were really excited to see what she thought of the whole experience as an almost-two-year-old vs a nine-month-old. What a difference a year makes. She recognized so many animals, loved running around, and had a great time with her cousins! 

I was in awe of the sheer variety of creatures God has made. Of course I know tons of different animals exist, but to see so many all in one place really solidifies just how creative our God is. Amazing. 

Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium

Walking through different areas of the zoo felt like walking to different continents. The aquarium felt tropical, the elephant and giraffe area was like being on a safari, and seeing the tigers was like looking into a forest. 

The weather was perfect, there weren’t large crowds, and sharing the experience with family was the best part of it all. It was an awesome way to spend a Monday! 

Mother and daughter with masks at zoo

Family at the Pittsburgh Zoo

Father and daughter at Pittsburgh Zoo

Pittsburgh Zoo

Family at Pittsburgh Zoo

Pittsburgh Zoo



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