Hey there

Hello! How is everyone doing? Is it cold in your neck of the woods? Pittsburgh is pretty chilly right now..IMG_4867Brrr. I took that screen shot this morning and I was thinking about how cold my truck is going to be when I leave campus at 6 p.m. tonight… I’m going to bring gloves!

I don’t have many life updates because my life is pretty chill right now (in terms of exciting things..). I’m just chugging along through school work, and trying to enjoy what free time I do have. I managed to walk Lola at a local park the last two weekends. lolaShe loves the car. Sometimes Jimmy and I will go to the McDonalds drive-thru before we walk her, and she will try to “say hi” and sniff through the window to the people who give us our food and drinks LOL.

I have been making an effort to not wear hoodies and sweats every day this winter. So far, so good. IMG_4856I feel smart when I wear argyle sweaters 😉

IMG_4866Don’t worry, I wore the skirt when the high for the day was 40*, not 8*!!

skyThe sunrises and sunsets have been gorgeous lately. God is so good.

That’s pretty much all I have to say today. . .

Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist because I have a cracked metal filling.

The dentist is going to take it out and replace it with a new, white filling. Pray for me. I hate going to the dentist. I work myself up so much before I go that I’m almost in tears. I just try to remember that it’s only a short procedure. And I also send up a prayer of thanksgiving for the invention of novocaine!

How do you get through dental procedures?!

Guess What!

truckYup, that’s right! My baby is back in action!

I feel 1,000 times more independent already. Now I don’t have to constantly ask my parents if I can borrow their vehicles. Phew. It’s been a long journey that has required a lot of patience, but again, I’m glad the drunk driver who hit my truck wasn’t seriously injured. My dad has to testify against him in court in January (because my truck is registered in my dad’s name). Eek!


Random picture time:

tonsilsA few mornings a week, I swim with a girl who is a few years older than me. She had to get her tonsils out, so I made her a care package full of soups, pudding, a drink, and some note pads so she can write for her husband to get her more ice cream! I even found a tonsillectomy card 🙂

northmorelandI went for a run at a local park and every time I ran past this one spot, I was like I need to take a picture of this when I’m done running! So I did. It’s the little things in life that make me happy. Taking a few minutes out of my day to admire God’s creation does wonders for my perspective on life.

PicMonkey Collage1I am officially on winter break, so I now have more time to do things I don’t usually do during the semester. I took a spinning class and went to the library. Woo!


What do you like to do, but never find time to do?