I’m back!

It’s tough to come from sunshine to snow!florida1

My mom and I had the most amazing time in Florida. I’m so happy that we had the opportunity to spend time together in such a beautiful place! We stayed in St. Petersburg, Florida from March 1st-March 5th at Tradewinds Grand Island Resort.

I knew our trip was going to be amazing the second we got our rental car after our plane landed at the Tampa airport. We were supposed to get a basic rental car, likely a two door Chevy Aveo. The woman who was helping us asked if we were on a mother-daughter vacation and we said yes. She said “I’m going to hook you girls up!”

She definitely hooked us up. 2013mustangShe upgraded us to a 2013 Mustang. That was pretty awesome.

The St. Petersburg area was experiencing a cold front while we were visiting.IMG_5068Unfortunately, the highest the temperature was only about 65 degrees. But it was definitely refreshing coming from chilly Pittsburgh.

We still spent some time on the beach though! IMG_5108flipflopsI can’t even describe how good it felt to wear flip flops for the first time in months!

I also got the opportunity to run on a local trail. PinellastrailWe did a lot of fun things and saw some pretty cool sights, but my absolute favorite part of the trip was every moment I spent with my mom.florida2

More photos to come in my next post… 🙂

Is this real life?


It’s time for Penn State’s spring break! My mom and I are going to Tampa for a few days. I feel so blessed! The weather is going to be okay (60s), but it’s better than Pittsburgh’s current weather (20s). I’m so excited to explore the area and spend time with my mom.

I just have to get through the flight. I would really, really appreciate prayers…

Flying is my biggest fear. 

It’s important to step outside of my comfort zone though! I’ll be knocking two resolutions off of my list for 2013 (travel more and do scary things).

What is your biggest fear?

P.S. Do you like the new header?!