afraid of flying

Scary occurrences and a question

It’s May 15th. It snowed in Pittsburgh today. That’s all I have to say about that 😉

I was scared silly twice this weekend.

Occurrence #1: Hannah and her boyfriend went to her senior prom on Friday night, and were coming over to mine and Jimmy’s house to hang out on Saturday night. Around 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, Hannah’s boyfriend called me. This is how the conversation went…

Josh: Hey, it’s Josh. Do you know where Hannah is? I can’t get a hold of her.
Me: What? No. Is she with Melissa? (Melissa is her best friend)
Josh: No, she doesn’t know where she is either.
Me: Oh… (I had to sit down at this point because I seriously couldn’t stand. I was so worried!).
Hannah: WE’RE JUST KIDDING! What’s Up?!

I was freaking out. I seriously thought my sister was kidnapped after their prom or something insane, but it was just her and her boyfriend playing a trick on me. Not funny 😉


Oh, Hannah. You are something else! This picture was taken during our trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina!

Occurence #2: Every person I pet sit for has a different way of how they want me to enter their house. Whether it’s via key, garage, or another way, I’ve never had any problems. Without getting into too much detail, there was a misunderstanding this past weekend and I thought the owner’s house was broken into. Calling the owner and saying that I thought the house was broken into was probably the worst feeling ever, haha. I’m so glad it was just a misunderstanding, though!

Now onto my predicament and question:

My mom and I are traveling to Savannah, Georgia next month (!!) and can’t decide if we want to fly or drive. It’s an 10.5 hour drive from Pittsburgh to Savannah, but only a two hour trip via plane. The only issue is that I am terrified of flying. It’s my biggest fear.

If we drive, we will travel from Pittsburgh to Charlotte, NC (7 hours) and stay in a hotel and then drive from Charlotte to Savannah the next day (3.5 hours). It’s a tough choice because it costs about the same amount of money to drive and get a hotel in Charlotte versus fly and get a rental car in Savannah. The amount of travel time we’ll save flying is insane, buuuut is it worth the emotional stress? I don’t know!

What would you do?!

Also, what is the scariest thing that has happened to you recently?

Is this real life?


It’s time for Penn State’s spring break! My mom and I are going to Tampa for a few days. I feel so blessed! The weather is going to be okay (60s), but it’s better than Pittsburgh’s current weather (20s). I’m so excited to explore the area and spend time with my mom.

I just have to get through the flight. I would really, really appreciate prayers…

Flying is my biggest fear. 

It’s important to step outside of my comfort zone though! I’ll be knocking two resolutions off of my list for 2013 (travel more and do scary things).

What is your biggest fear?

P.S. Do you like the new header?!