Scary occurrences and a question

It’s May 15th. It snowed in Pittsburgh today. That’s all I have to say about that 😉

I was scared silly twice this weekend.

Occurrence #1: Hannah and her boyfriend went to her senior prom on Friday night, and were coming over to mine and Jimmy’s house to hang out on Saturday night. Around 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, Hannah’s boyfriend called me. This is how the conversation went…

Josh: Hey, it’s Josh. Do you know where Hannah is? I can’t get a hold of her.
Me: What? No. Is she with Melissa? (Melissa is her best friend)
Josh: No, she doesn’t know where she is either.
Me: Oh… (I had to sit down at this point because I seriously couldn’t stand. I was so worried!).
Hannah: WE’RE JUST KIDDING! What’s Up?!

I was freaking out. I seriously thought my sister was kidnapped after their prom or something insane, but it was just her and her boyfriend playing a trick on me. Not funny 😉


Oh, Hannah. You are something else! This picture was taken during our trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina!

Occurence #2: Every person I pet sit for has a different way of how they want me to enter their house. Whether it’s via key, garage, or another way, I’ve never had any problems. Without getting into too much detail, there was a misunderstanding this past weekend and I thought the owner’s house was broken into. Calling the owner and saying that I thought the house was broken into was probably the worst feeling ever, haha. I’m so glad it was just a misunderstanding, though!

Now onto my predicament and question:

My mom and I are traveling to Savannah, Georgia next month (!!) and can’t decide if we want to fly or drive. It’s an 10.5 hour drive from Pittsburgh to Savannah, but only a two hour trip via plane. The only issue is that I am terrified of flying. It’s my biggest fear.

If we drive, we will travel from Pittsburgh to Charlotte, NC (7 hours) and stay in a hotel and then drive from Charlotte to Savannah the next day (3.5 hours). It’s a tough choice because it costs about the same amount of money to drive and get a hotel in Charlotte versus fly and get a rental car in Savannah. The amount of travel time we’ll save flying is insane, buuuut is it worth the emotional stress? I don’t know!

What would you do?!

Also, what is the scariest thing that has happened to you recently?


  1. AHH that house sitting thing…one time I locked myself out of a house and the neighbors had to help me break in. Maybe if you drive you could make the road trip part of the trip stopping somewhere along the way!

    1. LOL at having to break in! I’m glad I’m not the only one who has had some crazy mishaps! When I lived with my parents I somehow constantly got locked out of the house by accident and got really good at breaking in, haha.

      I am thinking we will do some exploring around Charlotte if we drive!!

      Hope Arizona is treating you well!

  2. Fly. Seriously, unless you plan to make a lot of stops along the way and be tourists like the National Lampoon’s movies, driving is *way* more stressful than flying. It would also get you there quicker and you’d be able to enjoy it without being tired (plus wouldn’t be tired from driving once you got back). Clay and I once drove to MIA for a cruise and he spent the whole first day of the cruise wiped out from the drive. It was like a whole wasted day for him.

    1. You’re right, haha! I know flying is so much easier. But I also know my emotions will be tired after flying, lol. Either way, I’m going to be tired 😉

  3. How funny! I was just trying to plan a road trip to Savannah with some of my friends! It didn’t end up working out, but Savannah is only 4 hours from where we live and we have never been! We definitely need to change that soon because I’ve heard how amazing it is. I hope you have a great time!!

    And as far as the flying or driving decision… I would recommend driving if sitting in a car for a while doesn’t bother you. Will and I LOVEEE road trips and the ability to just stop and explore a new area along the way. I also really dislike the hassle of getting on/off a plane, but it is much faster if you don’t want to spend so much time sitting still!

    …Sorry I was no help in your decision lol 😀

    1. Aw, I’m sorry the road trip didn’t work out! I’m jealous Savannah is only four hours from where you live! I do hope you get to go at some point 🙂

      Sitting in the car for a while isn’t too bad for me! I know exactly what you mean about road trips being so much fun! My mom and I are great travelers together, so road tripping sounds like a great option for us! Thanks for your input!

  4. Hmm, I think you should weigh the pros and cons. Driving might give you a chance to sight see and you could try some cool restaurants and shopping on the way. Flying would be quicker and you might as well get over the fear now than later. It will also give you more time during your vacation to enjoy that spot. Also, rental cars are FABULOUS!
    I hate driving, so it’s an easy decision for me. My legs hurt, I don’t like getting gas and I’m usually bored. Flying you can work on your book etc. Just shut the window, close your eyes and pretend you’re not in the air.
    I say FLY!

    1. It really is such a tough choice! Driving doesn’t bother me too much, and my mom loves road tripping, so we will probably go with that option! I really do need to get over this fear, though!

  5. I think you should fly and help conquer your fear. Flying will only become more and more scary as you avoid it.

    That sounds terrifying about pet sitting. I once house sat cats that went down into the sewer while I was watching them. I was mortified but then the owner told me they did that sort of thing.

    1. You’re so right, haha. I really need to get over this fear!

      Your pet sitting story is hilarious! I can’t believe the cats went into the sewer!! That’s crazy!

  6. Hmm, have you ever flown before? I’m not sure why that seems to matter to me in offering an opinion, but somehow it does. I think overall my vote would be to fly. So much faster. Of course, the drive would still be time with your mama and if it would be much less stressful for you, well, that’s probably the way to go. After all, you want to enjoy yourself and not be stressed preparing for the flight and then stressed during your trip because you have to fly home. Make the drive as much part of the trip as Savannah itself and maybe it would be enjoyable all the way around.

    Glad all was okay on the house sitting front. Scary!

    1. Yeah, I have flown before! It always makes me incredibly stressed–like you said. I spend the time before flying panicked and then the whole trip I have flying in the back of my mind. It’s tough! I think we are going to drive because it’s less stressful and we will make it fun!

  7. Oooh so mean! That Hannah is going to be the girl who cried wolf if she isn’t careful! I totally pulled pranks like that when I was her age, though. I bet she and her boyfriend thought it was pretty hilarious. 😉

    I’m glad everything was okay with the house sitting thing! I’m sure that had to be scary!

    And girl, road tripping is awesome. I love our long drives. So if flying is just really out of the question for you, then think of all the fun you’ll have driving! However, as someone who has been on probably close to 50 flights (I might be underestimating this honestly – I’m trying to think through how many different planes I’ve been on since I was a kid), I can tell you that everything has been okay every time. And it really does save SO MUCH time! But there’s no shame in acknowledging that flying isn’t for you.

    1. Isn’t Hannah so mean?! Haha! She totally thought it was a funny little prank. I definitely felt old when I fell for it and almost had a heart attack, haha.

      Thank you so much for your input on flying versus driving, Rach!! You’re right, road tripping can be a blast! I can’t believe you’ve flown so much! That is impressive to this fearful gal!

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