Five Snapshots

My little sister went to her senior prom recently and she looked beautiful! I can’t believe how fast she’s growing up. How cute are her cowboy boots?! Also, her boyfriend is very sweet and good to her. I love Hannah so, so much.

Prom 3

Cat tail or raccoon tail? I was pet sitting two cats recently and had to snap a picture of the one cat’s tail because it reminded me of a raccoon. I want to adopt a cat. Jimmy, if you’re reading this… can we get a cat?! 😉


My cousin’s baby shower is this weekend and I got her receiving blankets, onesies, and a lamb toy. I was showing Jimmy the onesies and was like “Look how tiny! A little person fits in these! Can you believe it?!” haha. Also, I had a dream recently that I was pregnant with twin boys.


I think I post a picture of Haley almost every time I blog? I just love her. Jimmy told me he wants to get a lab puppy. I wonder what Lola would think?!


Jimmy made this sign for a local park. I believe a clock was added to it after it was completely finished. I want to go see it in person soon!

Penn Park

What would five snapshots of your life lately look like?


  1. Oh goodness 5 snapshots of my life: bananas, running friendships, blogging while biking, napping and smiling.
    Hannah is so beautiful!

  2. Lovely photos! Hannah looks so happy.

    Twins would be a lot of work!

    Haha, the cat tail really does look like a raccoon. 😃

    Aww, Labradors are so gorgeous! I had a Labrador called Stella when I was younger — yellow Labs are my favourite type.

    The sign that Jimmy made looks great!

    Five snapshots of my life lately — a visit to London for my work (that was exciting!); spending time outdoors and in the garden; doing Pilates exercises; dinner with friends; cuddling my cat.

    1. Thank you, Grace! Hannah is so, so happy! I am incredibly happy for her 🙂

      And YES! Twins would be c-r-a-z-y. I told my mom the dream and she said “I would move in with you for the first five months” and I was like “You mean the first five years, right?” haha.

      I loved hearing about Stella! Labs are awesome! Was Stella a yellow lab? My family used to have a yellow lab named Eddie. He has been on my blog quite a few times!

      How fun that you were able to visit London!! Yay for getting outside in the garden, Pilates, dinner with friends, and cat snuggles! The best 🙂

      1. Yes, Stella’s a yellow lab. There’s a photo of her in one of my blog posts from 2011:

        She’s still alive, but she’s getting older. She’s 12 this year and she has developed type 2 diabetes…poor thing. When my mum got sick, Stella went to live with some close friends of mine — they got really attached to her and she’s still happily living with them. I’ve got lots of cute photos from when she was a puppy…I’ll have to send you one. 🙂

  3. I love that park sign! You should take a picture of it in the actual park with a clock 🙂

    And can’t believe your sister is going to prom! The cowboy boots are perfect 😉

    1. I totally need to take a picture of the sign in the park with the clock in it! I know the finished project will be amazing!

      I can’t believe Hannah went to prom, either! She graduates high school next month. I can still remember the day she was born. Time flies!

    1. He really is so talented!! When he showed me the picture of the sign, I was amazed that he made that. Crazy! And awesome!

      I totally agree with you on the kitten and lab puppy… and as for twin boys… if that’s God’s plan for me then I will take it 🙂 😉

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