Passion and dedication

I’ve been thinking about passion and dedication lately. Since starting to write a book, I have learned a lot about myself.


When I first began drafting the plot, creating characters, and outlining the book, I was very passionate about what I was doing. I thought about my book all. the. time. I was diligent about writing every day and downright giddy about the storyline.

Feeling so passionate about something was beautiful. I’m passionate about my faith, my relationship with my husband, animals, and coffee. Passion makes me feel purposeful.

I have been working on my book for six months now. I’ll be honest and say that some days, the passion to write just isn’t there. I can find a million other things to do besides make up a story that no one is reading besides me. It’s easy to doubt myself, and feel like what I write isn’t good enough.

Sometimes I avoid writing because I don’t think I can write the story that’s in my head in the way I want it to be written. Basically, I want what I write to be perfect because I’m so passionate about the story.


That’s where dedication comes in. I’m dedicated to writing this book. I may not feel passionate about writing all the time, but I am absolutely dedicated.

When I feel uncertain about my abilities, I remember why I started. When I’m tired and don’t feel like writing, I choose not to give up. I consciously decide to stay dedicated in spite of my feelings. Our feelings are constantly changing. I may hate what I write one day, and then love it the next. The passion may be there today, but not tomorrow. Whatever the case, I am dedicated.

Sometimes I am passionate, but I am always dedicated.

What are your thoughts on passion and dedication?

What are you passionate about?


  1. Atta girl! I like the way you broke this down! There is definitely a difference between passion and dedication. I love that you are staying dedicated to this!

  2. I think dedication is what will make your book great. The passion will ignite the flame, but the dedication keeps it going. I’m passionate about running, and dedicated when it’s rainy, I’m tired or uninspired to get moving. Those days happen, it’s part of the amazing process 🙂

  3. Dedication is definitely key, as is a desire to get words down on paper (or screen). One can have the bad habit of only wanting to write something good – sometimes you have to remember the character in Albert Camus’ “The Plague”, who claims he’s spent years writing the perfect novel. When he shows a draft to the lead character, it turns out that he’s been so focussed on perfection that all he’s managed to do is draft and redraft the opening sentence thousands of times.

    Sometimes it helps to remember that there’s a difference between being a writer and a stylist. One of my own favourite essayists is Clive James, who put it this way – “The temptation is to call Tolstoy a stylist. But in Russian, Turgenev was the stylist. Turgenev was the one who cared about repeating a word too soon. Tolstoy hardly cared at all.” (the full article was in The Atlantic, if you’re interested –

    Really looking forward to hearing how the book is going!

  4. I love these thoughts! We don’t do things because they’re easy, we do them to find meaning and you are finding out a whole lot about yourself in this process I’m sure! ❤

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