Hey there

Hello! How is everyone doing? Is it cold in your neck of the woods? Pittsburgh is pretty chilly right now..IMG_4867Brrr. I took that screen shot this morning and I was thinking about how cold my truck is going to be when I leave campus at 6 p.m. tonight… I’m going to bring gloves!

I don’t have many life updates because my life is pretty chill right now (in terms of exciting things..). I’m just chugging along through school work, and trying to enjoy what free time I do have. I managed to walk Lola at a local park the last two weekends. lolaShe loves the car. Sometimes Jimmy and I will go to the McDonalds drive-thru before we walk her, and she will try to “say hi” and sniff through the window to the people who give us our food and drinks LOL.

I have been making an effort to not wear hoodies and sweats every day this winter. So far, so good. IMG_4856I feel smart when I wear argyle sweaters 😉

IMG_4866Don’t worry, I wore the skirt when the high for the day was 40*, not 8*!!

skyThe sunrises and sunsets have been gorgeous lately. God is so good.

That’s pretty much all I have to say today. . .

Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist because I have a cracked metal filling.

The dentist is going to take it out and replace it with a new, white filling. Pray for me. I hate going to the dentist. I work myself up so much before I go that I’m almost in tears. I just try to remember that it’s only a short procedure. And I also send up a prayer of thanksgiving for the invention of novocaine!

How do you get through dental procedures?!


  1. Argyle sweaters are the best, and yes totally make you feel smart. I agree with you on how beautiful the sunrises and sunsets have been… stunning! Good luck at the dentist, you will be fine, my thoughts are with you!

  2. I’ll be praying for a quick and painless procedure! I know how you feel though. Before I got my wisdom teeth out a few years ago, I worked myself up so bad, but in the end, everything turned out just fine. I’m sure everything will be alright! That last picture is gorgeous! Hope you’re staying warm…I hate the cold weather!

  3. When I got my wisdom tooth pulled, my friend Mark suggested putting calming music on my ipod and listening to that. I think you should do that because it helped me to not really hear so much of what was going on (I still heard enough, bleh! BTW I was awake when mine was pulled since it was above the surface). I put calming music on there, it had lyrics but was mostly soft Christian stuff, I think you should try that and it might help. And you’re lucky to get a cool white filling out of it, I got a cavity filled last year and it was a metal filling, icky.

    Good luck with it and stay warm! I can’t even imagine a high of 12 degrees or a warm day with a high of 40… here the low is like 40.

  4. Love all of your outfits! I’m not ready to be a real girl. I hope your filling isn’t too painful! I’ve never had one so I actually like the dentist but I totally get why most people hate it.

  5. I’m going to the dentist too! I will be thinking of you!

    Pittsburgh is chilly! I’ve had to do all of my runs indoor recently because of the cold! It was so cold this morning goose couldn’t make his daily walk!!!

  6. I hate the dentist too. First, you look so cute in your outfits! Good for you for being a real girl in this weather! Second…dental work. UGH, for me it’s the worst but I tell myself it’s only a small section of my life you know?

  7. Your outfits are so cute! I’m snuggling in my fleece right now 🙂 It’s nighttime though so I feel it’s deserved…and its 10 degrees outside 😎

  8. I LOVE the dentist. I get so excited because I know when I come out my teeth will be pearly white and clean 🙂
    I love your outfit with the argyle sweater! It’s really cute!

  9. I am terrified of the dentist as well. What helps me is to try and go to another place (zone out) through the whole procedure. Also, being upfront with my dentist helped a lot as well. He walks me through it and offers me sedation when I need it!

  10. I’ve always had a great dentist which makes things so much easier. I’ve never really feared the dentist and my current one is pretty hot, which helps 😉 LOL

  11. I love, love, LOVE that sweater on you. Too cute! And, I truly hate going to the dentist too… I have an appointment on Monday. Yikes! (I hope your dentist visit was quick and painless!).

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