I’m happy to announce that Jimmy and I are engaged!

It all started on Monday night, when my mom convinced me to go running with her and my sister on Tuesday morning at a local park. I honestly didn’t want to go, but my mom persuaded me by stressing that it was Hannah’s last free morning before she started school, and that us girls should spend the time together.

I laced up my shoes on Tuesday morning, and we headed to the park, which has a one-mile trail around the park’s lake.

I began my run, and spent about half a mile in a wooded area of the trail. When I ran out of the woods, I looked at the lake, and a guy who looked exactly like Jimmy was standing there. I seriously almost kept running. 1


He was staring at me, so I slowed down and took off my sunglasses. Then I realized that it was Jimmy. I called out his name and he smiled. I walked towards him and a million thoughts went through my head.

I was surprised that he was at a park located over an hour away from his house, especially at 7:30AM. I was confused as to why he wasn’t at work. I was also kind of afraid. I thought something bad happened, or that he was working at the park because he often travels for certain jobs (he’s a welder).


I honestly can’t remember what I said to him. Probably something like “What are you doing here?!”

I gave him a hug and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.


I said yes!

7 8

I turned around and saw that our good friend from church, Brett, was taking pictures. He gave us both a hug and congratulated us. I was super excited that Jimmy asked Brett to take pictures of our special moment. Wow!

It was so nice of Brett to wake up crazy early, and use his amazing photography skills to capture our engagement.


After looking through the pictures, I had to laugh because I realized that I wasn’t wearing a drop of makeup. My mom was “in” on Jimmy’s plan, and I teased her for not getting me to put on some makeup before I went running. She told me that I would have been suspicious and I would have ignored her anyways–haha!

11 1213

Gotta love the running watch in the picture. It makes me smile because it’s so “me.”

Honestly, the whole engagement was perfect. Beyond perfect. I loved the way that Jimmy surprised me. It was so special and I will remember it forever. I’m also overjoyed that we have pictures to remember the moment, too.

I feel extremely blessed to be engaged to such an amazing, Christian man. God is good.

We are so excited for our future together!


Guess What!

truckYup, that’s right! My baby is back in action!

I feel 1,000 times more independent already. Now I don’t have to constantly ask my parents if I can borrow their vehicles. Phew. It’s been a long journey that has required a lot of patience, but again, I’m glad the drunk driver who hit my truck wasn’t seriously injured. My dad has to testify against him in court in January (because my truck is registered in my dad’s name). Eek!


Random picture time:

tonsilsA few mornings a week, I swim with a girl who is a few years older than me. She had to get her tonsils out, so I made her a care package full of soups, pudding, a drink, and some note pads so she can write for her husband to get her more ice cream! I even found a tonsillectomy card 🙂

northmorelandI went for a run at a local park and every time I ran past this one spot, I was like I need to take a picture of this when I’m done running! So I did. It’s the little things in life that make me happy. Taking a few minutes out of my day to admire God’s creation does wonders for my perspective on life.

PicMonkey Collage1I am officially on winter break, so I now have more time to do things I don’t usually do during the semester. I took a spinning class and went to the library. Woo!


What do you like to do, but never find time to do?