I’m happy to announce that Jimmy and I are engaged!

It all started on Monday night, when my mom convinced me to go running with her and my sister on Tuesday morning at a local park. I honestly didn’t want to go, but my mom persuaded me by stressing that it was Hannah’s last free morning before she started school, and that us girls should spend the time together.

I laced up my shoes on Tuesday morning, and we headed to the park, which has a one-mile trail around the park’s lake.

I began my run, and spent about half a mile in a wooded area of the trail. When I ran out of the woods, I looked at the lake, and a guy who looked exactly like Jimmy was standing there. I seriously almost kept running. 1


He was staring at me, so I slowed down and took off my sunglasses. Then I realized that it was Jimmy. I called out his name and he smiled. I walked towards him and a million thoughts went through my head.

I was surprised that he was at a park located over an hour away from his house, especially at 7:30AM. I was confused as to why he wasn’t at work. I was also kind of afraid. I thought something bad happened, or that he was working at the park because he often travels for certain jobs (he’s a welder).


I honestly can’t remember what I said to him. Probably something like “What are you doing here?!”

I gave him a hug and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.


I said yes!

7 8

I turned around and saw that our good friend from church, Brett, was taking pictures. He gave us both a hug and congratulated us. I was super excited that Jimmy asked Brett to take pictures of our special moment. Wow!

It was so nice of Brett to wake up crazy early, and use his amazing photography skills to capture our engagement.


After looking through the pictures, I had to laugh because I realized that I wasn’t wearing a drop of makeup. My mom was “in” on Jimmy’s plan, and I teased her for not getting me to put on some makeup before I went running. She told me that I would have been suspicious and I would have ignored her anyways–haha!

11 1213

Gotta love the running watch in the picture. It makes me smile because it’s so “me.”

Honestly, the whole engagement was perfect. Beyond perfect. I loved the way that Jimmy surprised me. It was so special and I will remember it forever. I’m also overjoyed that we have pictures to remember the moment, too.

I feel extremely blessed to be engaged to such an amazing, Christian man. God is good.

We are so excited for our future together!




  1. This is the most awesome post, Allie! I know I already said this on Facebook, but I’ll say it again; congrats to you and Jimmy! That is so special the way he surprised you, and the pictures are beautiful. You will have them to treasure forever! You look gorgeous (even without make-up!) and will make a beautiful bride. SO SO happy for you both!!!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I am SO excited for you! When I read the title of your post, I gasped out loud and clapped my hands in excitement. Ha, ha. You both make SUCH a cute couple, and I know that you’re going to be SO happy together. I cannot wait to read about all the wedding plans. 🙂

  3. Yay!!!! Oh best wishes to you and congratulations to your fiancé! I squealed out loud when I read the title of the post. The pictures – AWESOME!! What wonderful mementos of the memory. Now – here’s to wedding planning posts!

  4. Oh congrats!! What an amazing engagement! I really think you guys will have a lovely life together 🙂 after reading about all these sweet engagements I have super high expectations, lol!

  5. I LOVE this! Seriously, though. You two are amazing together and you are beautiful, even without the makeup! I am just so jealous I didn’t have pictures of my engagement taking place 😉

  6. OH MY GOSH!! I am swooning SOOOO HARD!! CONGRATULATIONS!! You two are going to have the most amazing life together. I LOVE all of these photos are I think you look GORGEOUS without makeup!! The running clothes and watch are SO you, which makes these SO perfect!

  7. Congratulations, Allie! This was like wow! First post I´ve read today, and just wow! How amazing that Jimmy had another one taking pictures, just amazing. What a perfect proposal! yet again, congratulations:-D

  8. I loved seeing the pictures on your Facebook and the announcement and was super excited to see your blog today so I could read the whole story (obviously from the Facebook pics I kinda knew what would happen but I wanted to read it for myself). That’s so awesome that you guys even had a friend taking pictures of the moment too!

    Congratulations to you and Jimmy, and I know you have fun planning the wedding and will have a great life together!

  9. Congratulations, Allie! The two of you look so happy. You will always have a great story about the way you got engaged!
    (And thanks for the sweet note on my blog. Believe it or not, I actually thought about you when I was there. Even though we haven’t visited each other’s blogs recently, I definitely remembered you!)

  10. CONGRATULATIONS! I wanted to “like” every single picture on facebook but I thought better of it to not seem stalkerish… anyways so excited for you!!!!

  11. CONGRATS! I am just getting back into blogging and reading, and am SO happy I decided to check out what you are up to. The ring and you look beautiful!

  12. Okay so I was SO psyched and amazed at the pics on facebook and now that I know the whole story I have the hugest smile. Just so goose-bumpy perfect! He came to you at your “happy place”… and he must have known it would be so beautifully foggy.
    TOO romantic!

  13. Oh my goodness, I squealed and “awww”ed even more while reading this! Now even Oreo is concerned about me, haha! Anyway, I am SO happy for you guys! Oh, I just love it! I have loved getting to know you over the last couple of years and watching you guys grow in your relationship together. You two are such a beautiful couple! Congratulations, sweet friend!!

  14. Congrats Allie!!! I am so excited for you and Jimmie!!! What a fantastic proposal – very you! He nailed it 🙂 Oh, the ring is pretty fab too 😉

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