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Six pictures

1. Dunkin’ coffee is heavenly. I will definitely miss expensive coffee once I’m married and not living with my family!

2. I don’t know about Lola sometimes.

3. I took my brother’s dog, Moses, on some local trails over the weekend and he loved it. I’m kind of jealous at how far he can walk/run without getting tired.

4. Speaking of my brother, I snapped this picture of him sleeping on my bed. He recently caught a head cold, and I guess he just got tired and fell asleep on my bed?!

5. I gave a 10 minute presentation on my internship experience on Tuesday. I never mentioned it on my blog, but I was a writing intern over the summer for this company.

6. My elbow is feeling much better since the Gladiator Rock’n Run. The bruise is slowly fading, hallelujah!!

Here are some of my recent articles for the school newspaper:
PSNK Offers Variety of Health Services
Plum Residents Still Upset Over Budget Cuts
Prescription Drugs: Worth Awful Side Effects?

What are you doing this weekend?
I will be working and doing homework. Hopefully I can sneak in some fun adventures, too!

More Articles

Hey! I promised I would share more of the articles that I wrote for Penn State New Kensington’s newspaper, so here they are!

Local School Increases Security Measures –> This article discusses Trinity Christian School’s recent security increase in light of parental concerns and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.


Conservative Nonprofit Offers Information on Congress —> This article is about Heritage Action for America, a conservative nonprofit organization that focuses on important political issues plaguing America today.

Olympic Speed Skater Sets Sights on 2014 Games —> This article includes an interview with Alyson Dudek, a 22-year-old Olympic speed skater. She’s is amazing and was really fun to interview!


Pittsburgh Business Emphasizes Passion —> This article is about a family-owned business in Pittsburgh that specializes in steel structures.



Well, the weather is going to be amazing in Pittsburgh today with the high temperature expected to be 71°, so I’m going to be doing some of this….


And maybe more of this…


Felix is quite the snuggle bug.

Hope you have a great weekend!