Six pictures

1. Dunkin’ coffee is heavenly. I will definitely miss expensive coffee once I’m married and not living with my family!

2. I don’t know about Lola sometimes.

3. I took my brother’s dog, Moses, on some local trails over the weekend and he loved it. I’m kind of jealous at how far he can walk/run without getting tired.

4. Speaking of my brother, I snapped this picture of him sleeping on my bed. He recently caught a head cold, and I guess he just got tired and fell asleep on my bed?!

5. I gave a 10 minute presentation on my internship experience on Tuesday. I never mentioned it on my blog, but I was a writing intern over the summer for this company.

6. My elbow is feeling much better since the Gladiator Rock’n Run. The bruise is slowly fading, hallelujah!!

Here are some of my recent articles for the school newspaper:
PSNK Offers Variety of Health Services
Plum Residents Still Upset Over Budget Cuts
Prescription Drugs: Worth Awful Side Effects?

What are you doing this weekend?
I will be working and doing homework. Hopefully I can sneak in some fun adventures, too!


  1. That internship sounds awesome! Trav’s aunt works at the Starbucks distribution center for the east coast and gets a pound of free coffee a week. The catch is that she doesn’t like coffee so we get so much free stuff! Love it 🙂

    1. It was a pretty cool internship!

      I am SO jealous that you guys get free Sbux!! I think it’s so funny Trav’s aunt works at the Starbucks distribution center but doesn’t like coffee! LOL.

  2. I read those articles! I think you shared on Facebook earlier this week? I remember they were really, really good. BTW, knowing WordPress is pretty huge so you should put that on your resume for doing the newspaper on it.

    Even when you get married, you don’t have to give up good coffee. You can get the Dunkin from the grocery store, sometimes they have coupons for it. Makes it a really good deal, that’s what I do. Good coffee should be a priority!

    1. Thanks for reading!! Yeah, I shard them on FB earlier this week after I had just published ’em on the website! Thank you for the compliment, too! I’ve had a rough week, and reading that was pretty healing to my soul, haha! Too deep? Probably!

      You’re right… good coffee SHOULD be a priority. I never thought about it that way!

  3. you might not be able to buy expensive coffee, but you´ll be MARRIED:-D
    This weekend will be a pretty boring one; I got ton of school work to do, and BF is working night shift, so he won´t be home anyway… So it´s just me, the textbooks and probably a lot of Diet Coke!

  4. That bruise is a stunner!! Is it bad that I’m mildly obsessed with bruises and scrapes and scabs when I get them?

    My weekend will be work, State Fair, Target, and a football game. Oh and BREAKING BAD on Sunday night!

    1. I’m just like you, then! I was pretty proud/obsessed with my bruise haha!!! I would look at it every time I was in front of a mirror… like “did it change from five minutes ago?!”

      My fiance’s brother is OBSESSED with Breaking Bad! He said it’s super intense right now!

    1. Aww, thanks!! I love my bed and bedding! I just got them both in June. Before that I was sleeping in a bunk bed that my sister and I shared since I was in sixth grade–LOL!!

  5. You definitely don’t have to give up good coffee! I’m not a coffee drinker myself, but my dad is, and he ALWAYS buys Dunkin’s (I know Giant Eagle sells it for sure). They always have it on sale, too.

    I love your articles in the school’s paper, especially the one about prescription medications. I totally agree with you that while they are necessary in some cases, a lot of doctors are overprescribing them.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you…do you know what kind of dog Lola is? My mom adopted a dog back in March and he looks JUST like her! I think the shelter told us he was a boxer/black lab mix.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

    1. I’ll have to check Giant Eagle for Dunkin’ coffee sales!! Good idea 🙂

      Lola is a black lab mixed with a pit bull!! I would love to see a picture of your mom’s dog! I love mixes… they’re so sweet!!

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