Revival and Apple Fellowship

The church I attend is holding its annual fall revival this week.

Basically, a revival is when a church holds more services than normal in order to “revive” the congregation and strengthen members’ bond with Christ and His mission for the church.


My church usually has three services/Bible studies a week: two on Sunday and one on Wednesday. During a revival, my church holds two more services–one on Monday and Tuesday. My church’s preacher arranged for a really great evangelist from Ohio to preach each service during the revival.

During last night’s service, were studying Mark 2:1-12. Jesus was preaching to a lot of people in someone’s home, and a four men carried a paralyzed man to see Jesus. They couldn’t get in the door because people were in the way, so they lowered the paralyzed man through the roof, and Jesus forgave him of his sins and healed him.


What the evangelist pointed out was pretty cool. The four men who brought the paralyzed man to Jesus were very persistent. They couldn’t get in the door because people were in the way, so they lowered him in through the roof.

Then he said something that really resonated with me:

“When you want to do something for God, someone or something will always stand in your way. Be persistent. When God is calling you to do something, the little things don’t matter–love finds a way.”

Just thought I would share that!

After last night’s service, we had an apple fellowship. Everyone from the congregation brought their favorite apple dish to share.

Jimmy and I made spiced cider whoopie pies!


Remember how I said I love baking? Well, I really love baking with Jimmy.


whoopie pies

If you’re looking for a fall themed whoopie pie recipe, definitely try these out. They were a hit!

Do you like whoopie pies?


  1. Those whoopie pies look delicious for the Fall, and it looks like you had fun making them too. I didn’t realize churches in the North or in cities really had revivals, they used to have things like that at churches when I lived in a small town but I don’t think we really do here in Charleston. I don’t think my church does anyway, we only have one service per week too (Sunday). But, it’s a really different feel/type of church than most.

    1. We definitely had a ton of fun making the whoopie pies! I just find it so relaxing to bake with one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world 🙂

      I think my church is one of the only ones in the area that still has revivals! I love it, though!!

    1. Aww, I’m bummed you’re not a whoopie pie fan! I think I like them because they remind me of oatmeal cream pies, which were pretty much my favorite snack growing up. GO LITTLE DEBBIE!

      I love the quote, too. I love when I get to hear such wise words! It’s pretty rare these days 😉

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