More Articles

Hey! I promised I would share more of the articles that I wrote for Penn State New Kensington’s newspaper, so here they are!

Local School Increases Security Measures –> This article discusses Trinity Christian School’s recent security increase in light of parental concerns and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.


Conservative Nonprofit Offers Information on Congress —> This article is about Heritage Action for America, a conservative nonprofit organization that focuses on important political issues plaguing America today.

Olympic Speed Skater Sets Sights on 2014 Games —> This article includes an interview with Alyson Dudek, a 22-year-old Olympic speed skater. She’s is amazing and was really fun to interview!


Pittsburgh Business Emphasizes Passion —> This article is about a family-owned business in Pittsburgh that specializes in steel structures.



Well, the weather is going to be amazing in Pittsburgh today with the high temperature expected to be 71°, so I’m going to be doing some of this….


And maybe more of this…


Felix is quite the snuggle bug.

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Gardening! I wish I had the patience for it but there’s no way I can do it. Plus, I would forget to water them and they would die 😦 I’m doing plenty of cuddling myself. The best medicine!

  2. Well done for the articles! 🙂
    I’ve been working in the garden today too. I want to plant a flowering cherry tree as I think the blossom looks gorgeous! We moved house last September and the garden was a mess. But it’s starting to look a lot better now that I’m energetically digging up weeds!

  3. Seeing you and Lola makes me miss my cat 😦 Are you going to keep writing articles throughout the summer?

  4. I like to see your articles from your school, they are so interesting. Not that your blog isn’t as well (duh) but it’s just cool to kind of see another side and you know I love me some good research and interesting articles on my downtime. I hope you continue to share these Allie!

    1. She really is amazing and so dedicated! I think she has a blog, too! I believe it’s on her website 🙂 She posts lifestyle things + healthy recipes!

  5. Is there anything you can’t do? (Besides meteorology cause aint nobody got time fo dat).

    That is crazy about everyone having to be buzzed in at the school but in a way, of course, it is great. I just wish the Public Schools could afford to go to those measures.

    I recently read about a school… here let me try and find it…
    They purchased the bulletproof white boards that you can take down in case of .. ugh..
    It gives me the chills to think about it but it’s also a great idea.

    I wish they would turn the big boards on the wall into that so the teach could pull it down, lock the door and have kids get behind it if there was time like in Columbine and Hollyhock.

    1. Wow, that is craaazy about the bulletproof whiteboards! It makes me sad that schools have had to take those types of measures, but I suppose it’s also good that they are keeping up with the times/new technology. Thanks for sharing :o)

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