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Diving Back In and A Few Favorites

As I mentioned in my post about our vacation, Jimmy and I wasted no time getting back into the swing of things once we arrived home in Pittsburgh! The first thing we did when we got home on Saturday was mow, weed wack, and mow some more. Mowing past our garden got me all sorts of excited to start planting!

We had a church fellowship dinner for my father-in-law and his wife on Sunday and it was so special! Everyone brought food, the fellowship hall was decorated beautifully, and the time spent with our church family was just the best. My assignment was to film a vlog of everyone giving a message for the bride and groom, and I had a blast with that.

On Monday, Jimmy and I were back to work! We were excited to hear that the zipline he worked on for the Pittsburgh Zoo will be opened this weekend. Go Jimmy!

One of the dogs I have been pet sitting for a few years turned six-years-old, so I took her on a special trail walk for her birthday.

Chocolate lab on bridge by water in Pittsburgh Panhandle Trail by Walkers Mill in Rennerdale PA Pittsburgh

The weather was just beautiful and made me so thankful that this is my job. It’s not always fun to walk dogs in January in Pittsburgh, but it’s 100% worth it come May!

In the evening, I had some real estate work. My brother is listing my father-in-law’s wife’s house for sale (Did you follow that? Lol!), so we all met up so Will could go over the contract with them and I could photograph the house for the listing.

Southbound Enterprises real estate agent Will Smith talking with client in CraftonGirl taking pictures inside a house with DSLR camera

It was a family affair, which I loved! Jimmy even tagged along as my assistant and carried a step stool around the house for me to climb up and down to get some good shots. He snapped this photo of me because he thought it was so funny that I scrunch my face up when I’m focusing. Oh, and if anyone is looking for a house in Pittsburgh, let me know 😉

It’s Tuesday as I type up this post, and I’m sure the rest of the week will include more pet sitting, mowing, and real estate work. It feels good to get back into the swing of things. On Saturday, Hannah and I will be hosting a joint birthday cookout for our husbands since their birthdays are just a day apart. I can’t wait!

Before Jimmy and I left for vacation, I had a few things I wanted to share, and I’m finally getting around to it. First, I have some new favorite markers for journaling.

Pilot Frixion erasable marker pens

Technically they’re erasable marker pens. I have only used the eraser once or twice and it worked fine, but I would definitely say they’re more of a marker than a pen. They sort of write like a pen, but definitely come off as a marker. Okay, I’m done geeking out over writing utensils, haha.

Next up, I went to Trader Joe’s and got some fun food and drinks to try out!

Trader Joe's maple ladders and sunflower seed spread and coffee and other products

I’d literally give all of the above products a 10/10 for price and taste. If I had to pick a favorite, I’d either choose the Colombia coffee beans or the maple ladders cereal. So good!

Okay, one last favorite. Our families and neighbor took such great care of our pets while we were gone, and it made us so happy. Mavis and Lola stayed with my parents for the week, and we had both of our parents and our neighbor check in on Malcolm on different days.


We got some great pictures of the girls from my parents of all the dogs hanging out and were slightly obsessed with talking to Malcolm on our Petzi cam!

What are some things you’ve been loving lately?


Currently: March 2018

Current book The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living by Louise Miller. I’m about 1/3 of the way into it and so far it has been a light, easy read.

Current Drink I literally just finished drinking a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee as I started this post. ‘Twas delicious.

Small Dunkin' Donuts coffee with cream

Current beauty product DevaCurl shampoo and conditioner. As I mentioned in my last post, my hairdresser really wanted me to try this out. I feel like it’s too soon to tell a difference since I haven’t used it for a solid amount of time, but I’m liking it so far!

Current goal Cleaning out our closets and donating clothes we no longer wear. Also, finishing writing my book. I’m at 81,000 words and so close to wrapping up the first draft!

Current obsession Guys, I’m in cake mode again!! I was asked to make my father-in-law’s wedding cake since he’s getting married in May and I’m 100% obsessed with all things cake right now.

He and his fiancé asked for a Harley Davidson-themed cake, so I’ve been nailing down exactly what I want to do in terms of details and just practicing layering the different tiers of the cake. My fingers are stained with gel food coloring and I’ve been highlighting and studying a guide on working with fondant. I am one happy girl when I’m in cake mode 🙂

Three layer wedding cake with fondant and Harley Davidson colors

A super bare-bones trial run.

Current mood Excited (for spring and Daylight Savings!).

Current blessing Jimmy. He’s just so sweet, kind, caring, and hardworking.

Current excitement Mavis has reached the highest level of training (Adult Level II) at our local pet store and has her last class and Canine Good Citizen test tonight! We have been taking her to training once a week since August, when she was 10 weeks old. She’s basically grown up in this pet store, haha.

It’s definitely bittersweet to be ending this part of her journey because we love the trainer we’ve been working with. I’m sure there’s more training at different facilities in Mavis’ future, though!

Parti colored Cocker Spaniel puppy therapy dog in training harness on walk

Current confession I’ve been so slow about doing laundry lately. I have no problem washing it… it just sits in the laundry basket all clean for like three days until I fold and put it away 😉

Current prayer Healing for all involved in the recent school shooting in Florida.

Current indulgence Researching all things cake-related for my father-in-law’s wedding. I have some flavor combos I’m dying to try!

Wilton cake decorating guide working with fondant

Current procrastination Catching up on all things computer-related. I have some work for my family’s real estate business to do, I want to catch up on blog reading, clear out my email inbox, and more. It will all get done, eventually!

Current food Thin mints! It’s Girl Scout Cookie season, aka the most wonderful time of the year. What are your favorite flavors of Girl Scout Cookies? My #1 is thin mints and then trefoils.

Thin mints girl scout cookies in box

Current craving I want to paint my nails. I just need to find make the time to do it!

Current need A new wire for our Petzi Treat Cam. Mavis and Lola chewed it while trying to get treats out of the camera so its out of commission for the time being! Naughty pups.

Current question What is your favorite part about spring? I think mine is just seeing green grass again and watching flowers and trees bud. Or maybe more daylight and warmer weather? Or maybe spring rain? Love that sound. It’s just such a beautiful time.