Home renovation

Back At It and a Big Surprise

Sadie and I arrived home safely in Pittsburgh on Saturday afternoon and we are back at it! “It” being life. Family life, church, laundry, cooking, cleaning, Etsy shop stuff, and everything else!

In some ways it feels so wonderful to be home again. In other ways, I wish I was back at my parents’ beach house just hanging out, with the most pressing decision being what we will have for dinner and what time we want to walk on the beach 🤣

Our first flight home was at 7:35 am, so we were up bright and early (4:15 am 😴) to drive the 1.5 hours from the Outer Banks to Norfolk International airport in Virginia. From there,  we said so long to my parents and thanked them for such a great week! Well, I did. Sadie? She wailed for my parents. She did not want to leave them!

Toddler sitting on floor of Norfolk International Airport (more…)


Progress and Our Weekend

Lots of progress has been happening over here at the Zottola Zoo. First of all, Sadie has been doing well with eating different foods. I saw corn on the cob at the grocery store for the first time since last summer, so we made some together!

Toddler eating corn on the cob

This picture reminded me of when she was seven months old and was super interested in corn on the cob. A girl after my corn-loving heart!

Also, she ate turkey last night. For a child who is basically a vegetarian, that was huge progress!! She has her follow-up appointment with the gastroenterologist today 🙏 (more…)