A Flight and Two Festivals

Hello from North Carolina! Jimmy, Sadie, and I flew into Norfolk, VA yesterday afternoon. My parents picked us up from the airport and we drove to the Outer Banks to stay at their house near the beach!

Mom holding hands with toddler

Sadie did well on the flight, although she was super excited haha. I got over my fear of flying this year because flying 50 minutes to Virginia and then driving 1.5 hours to NC beats a nine hour drive from Pittsburgh to NC 😬

Once we got into town we ordered dinner and relaxed for the evening. We also made it down to the beach!

Husband and wife on beach in Kill Devil Hills, NCGrandpa with toddler on the beach in Outer Banks, NC

Today we went to two festivals! The first was KidsFest at Roanoke Island Festival Park. On the drive over, Sadie was asking what the park looked like and I told her that she had technically been there before when I was pregnant with her. She thought that was pretty neat 😊

We had such a fun time walking around KidsFest. It was geared towards children Sadie’s age and everything was totally free. She went on a school bus, played doctor with a stuffed sea turtle, made a boat, did crafts, played with sidewalk chalk, completed an obstacle course, explored a Coast Guard boat, and so much more.

Playing doctor with a stuffed sea turtle at KidsfestMom and daughter on school bus looking out windowMom and daughter at Roanoke Island Festival Park in Manteo, NC

We had such a good time that we all ended up napping once we got home! I sat on the couch intending to read a bit of this book but zonked out for an hour(!).

Jimmy and Sadie started watching Sonic the Hedgehog and ended up like this…

Dad and toddler sleeping on couch together

The second festival we went to was the OBX Rod & Custom Festival. Jimmy was super excited to see all the hot rods and cool cars, so we stopped by! Sadie ended up dancing to the live music and we all had a blast.

OBX Rod & Custom Festival Cars

We had a really nice day weather-wise, too. I think it hit 80 degrees and it was sunny most of the day! I walked on the beach for a little and I’m pretty sure I got sunburnt 🥴

Outer Banks Beach in Kill Devil Hills, NC

That brings us to now! We just had dinner and are relaxing. It has been nice to have a break and spend uninterrupted time with my parents! I’m looking forward to spending Mother’s Day here. It’s such a special place for us ❤️


Back At It and a Big Surprise

Sadie and I arrived home safely in Pittsburgh on Saturday afternoon and we are back at it! “It” being life. Family life, church, laundry, cooking, cleaning, Etsy shop stuff, and everything else!

In some ways it feels so wonderful to be home again. In other ways, I wish I was back at my parents’ beach house just hanging out, with the most pressing decision being what we will have for dinner and what time we want to walk on the beach 🤣

Our first flight home was at 7:35 am, so we were up bright and early (4:15 am 😴) to drive the 1.5 hours from the Outer Banks to Norfolk International airport in Virginia. From there,  we said so long to my parents and thanked them for such a great week! Well, I did. Sadie? She wailed for my parents. She did not want to leave them!

Toddler sitting on floor of Norfolk International Airport (more…)