What we ate in Savannah

My mom and I had a lot of fun scouting out different restaurants to try while on our trip to Savannah!

Exploring Savannah

We were thinking about eating at Paula Deen’s restaurant, The Lady and Sons, but heard from a few other travelers at our hotel that it wasn’t worth going to. We did check out her store, though!

On our first day, we headed to City Market (an open-air market with restaurants and shops) and got lunch at Cafe City Market. We both agreed that the food was just sub-par. I can’t even remember what we ate?!

We ended up eating at an oyster restaurant called Sorry Charlie’s twice because we loved it so much. We both got blackened fish tacos both times. Twins. I was so enamored with the tacos that I asked the waitress what type of fish they used and she told me it was swordfish. Yum.

Fish Tacos

Fish tacos from Sorry Charlie’s.

I also ordered a side of grilled corn and it was some of the best corn I’ve ever had. That started the theme of me trying to find corn at every restaurant while in Savannah. I got hooked! I’m now on a mission to learn how to cook corn on the grill in its husk.


While my favorite restaurant was Sorry Charlie’s, my mom’s favorite was Fiddler’s Crab House. We had lunch there one day and it was lovely. The restaurant is along the Savannah River, so we were able to eat outside and have a great view of the river as massive barges quietly floated by. We both had grilled fish there and it was cooked perfectly.

I also got… you guessed it… corn!

Corn 2

Enjoying my corn at Fiddler’s Crab House.

We also ate at a restaurant called 39 Rue de Jean. It was an interesting upscale restaurant that specialized in the odd combo of French food and sushi. My mom got French food and I got sushi. Everything was excellent!

When we visited Tybee Island, we ate lunch at Fannie’s on the Beach. It was a cute, beachy restaurant with a great view of the ocean. You can’t go wrong with a view of the ocean, right? I got crab legs, and my mom had a burger.

The crab legs were great! I had fun playing with my food and even tried to pinch my mom with one of the crab’s claws. She didn’t appreciate that too much 😉

Crab legs at Fannie's on the Beach.

Crab legs at Fannie’s on the Beach.

As we were planning our trip, every website I read about traveling to Savannah mentioned Leopold’s Ice Cream, which has been in Savannah for almost a century. We stopped by on a hot day and it was a fun little experience!

Coffee ice cream from Leopold's.

Coffee ice cream from Leopold’s.

So to sum up this post, I thought it would be helpful to jot down the restaurants we went to in case anyone reading this is planning on traveling to Savannah and wanted tips on dining!

Sorry Charlie’s –> Highly recommend the blackened fish tacos.
Fiddler’s Crab House –> Great views and delicious fish.
31 Rue de Jean –> Awesome French food and sushi, but pricey.
Fannie’s on the Beach –> Great view of the ocean and fresh seafood.
Leopold’s Ice Cream –> A Savannah classic. Go.
Cafe City Market –> Don’t recommend.
The Sentient Bean –> Organic, fair-trade coffee shop. I enjoyed the Ethopian blend coffee.


  1. We have a 39 Rue De Jean restaurant here in Charleston on John Street. 39 John Street, lol. I’ve never been there but it sounds good and I’ve had good recommendations. I have heard that Paula’s restaurant stays packed and is not worth the time and effort to get in for the quality of the food. Looks like you guys had some amazing food without going there anyway!

    1. When I was reading about the restaurant, it said that the “main” one was in Charleston! I was wondering why “39” was in the name! Now it all makes sense 😉

      Yeah, we walked past Paula’s restaurant and looked in and it was just a buffet with fried chicken and mac and cheese. I was thinking “I want seafood, not chicken! I can eat chicken all day, every day in Pittsburgh!” Ha.

      But yes, the food was amazing in Savannah! I was in seafood heaven!

  2. Mmmm! I LOVE fish tacos!! Definitely a favorite of mine and those look super delicious! Glad you only had one so-so meal and everything else was so delicious. That’s awesome traveling right there! 🙂

    1. Fish tacos really are amazing! I only had them for the first time last month and I got totally hooked! And yes, we really were blessed with such a great trip!

  3. I loved everything about this post!! (You know that I’m a foodie… Ha, ha. I LOVE reading restaurant recaps so much)!
    First of all, I can relate to loving corn. I’ve never had corn in Savannah (as I’ve never been), BUT it was one of my favorite foods from my Hawaii trip. It was grilled or roasted, I can’t remember which, and then seasoned to perfection. Awww, now I’m craving it! LOL!
    My dad actually cooks corn on the grill, and it’s really yummy. Best…summer…food…ever! (Well, maybe after watermelon).
    Loved, loved, loved this post! SO glad you had fun!!!

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