Sorta Silent Saturday

Hi! I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely day today! I was supposed to be in New York for my cousin’s baby shower today, but alas, I had to begin hematologist appointments and treatments. I’ll be at the hospital a lot over the next couple of months, so I will have plenty of time to blog 😉

What are you up today? Jimmy’s mom is watching Sadie for a bit this morning so Jimmy can paint our living room and I’ll probably be mowing our lawn since I’m a lot better at that than painting. I’m keeping this post minimal on words and heavy on photos from the week that didn’t make it into my usual posts!

Here are some photos (and a few words) from our life lately 😊

Peanut butter granola by Braid Bakery Etsy shop

I whipped up a batch of peanut butter granola for an Etsy order! It’s so simple and nourishing. Definitely a favorite of mine 🤤 (more…)