14 pictures of my life recently

But you, LORD, are a shield around me, 
   my glory, the One who lifts my head high. 
I call out to the LORD, 
   and he answers me from his holy mountain. Psalm 3:3-4


I feel as if I haven’t show any recent photos of my life lately! So here we go:

1. Hannah looks more and more grown up each day. For realz. She is also rocking like 4 inch heels in the picture. You go Glen Coco.

2. I am a die-hard cereal freak. I eat cereal at least 2x a day. I have been trying to switch things up in the breakfast department so I had a bagel with peanut butter one morning last week.

3. This is a picture of Jimmy in the car wash from Sunday last week. I used to be so afraid of the car wash when I was younger. It still freaks me out, so I made Jimmy come with me 😉

4. Popcorn is tasty. That is all.

5. Rain boots for the win.

6. I went to the mall before church on Wednesday and really wanted a chocolate/vanilla lollipop from a machine and I went through three quarters trying to get that flavor. Then I ran out of quarters and had to settle with peaches & cream.

7. Lola still loves going on walks. Even with it is cold and raining..

8. Granola + soy milk = ❤

9. Jimmy fell asleep on my shoulder while I was studying for a microbiology test. I guess it was good that he didn’t distract me because I got an 89%!

10. I had a delicious turkey and veggie wrap with rep pepper strips on the side. Now I’m addicted to wraps.

11. Egg wrap. I like when the yolks are still runny 🙂

12. I love my mom.

13. This is perfect for my life. Nutella to go. Yum.

14. I had to make this one #14 because on Saturday I did a 14 mile run! My brother recently started a new job and this was his first weekend home since I last saw him a month ago. He ran 8 miles with me and then headed home. My pace was 8:50.. not tooooo shabby..


That is all 🙂

Have a great Sunday!

Aw, shucks!

Golly.. after asking what you want more of on my blog, I had no idea people actually liked my randomness. I kinda thought you all felt bad for me 😉

Everyone said that they like what I am doing and want to hear more about my personal life (cause I am sooo interesting, I know! JK.), recipes, and me transferring colleges! Well I do have some college updates!

Yesterday I filled out a bunch of student athlete forms and signed my national letter of intent. You may be wondering what that is.. I shall inform! National Letter of Intent: 

  • A legal, binding contract in which a student agrees to attend a college for one academic year. In return, a college agrees to provide the student with athletics related financial aid for one year.
Yep, I just made a commitment! Now I have to go to Seton Hill. 
You wanted to know more about my personal life. Well I’ll tell you. They gave me a $16,433 athletic scholarship. (I feel like i’m not allowed to say that on the internet?!)

 I will admit it was scary to sign the forms and my mom was like “Why are you being all quiet and sad today?!” I guess I just haven’t been used to going outside of my comfort zone in a while. But I am ready for what ever God brings me to because I trust Him. 
Today I enjoyed too much of this:I eat like half a watermelon a day. It makes my stomach appear to be carrying a large baby 🙂 I also mentioned that I mowed. Well someone was CREEPING on me!
LOL. Okay. That is enough of my crazy/random/personal stuff 🙂
Love yaaaaaaaaa<333333 
What helps you when you are afraid of change?!