Recent eats

Oh, hey there!


To be honest, I don’t have many “recent eats” pictures. Why? Because I haven’t been taking pictures of my food lately… because I don’t feel like it. Sorry 🙂

Here’s the few food/drink pictures that I have:Iced soy chai latte

Lots of vegetables

Tuna salad with crackers

“Ants on a log” with peanut butter and Nutella!

Kona coffee… From Hawaii!! Jimmy and I have a favorite server at Eat N’ Park. Our favorite server went to Hawaii on vacation and remembered how much we love coffee, so he brought us some back. Made my day.

Seriously… so good.

The other food I have been obsessed with lately?Watermelon! I didn’t have a picture, so I drew one :).


Now, I shall leave you with a picture of Eddie and Lola:*

What’s the best thing you’ve ate lately?
For me, it would have to be dinner from last night: grilled salmon, roasted sweet potatoes, and a big salad with honey mustard dressing 🙂


Lovely weekend

I think the word lovely perfectly describes my weekend.

Highlights of the weekend:

  • Friday: Going to Kennywood with Jimmy. It was Hannah’s school picnic day and since I was still her guardian for the week, I got to go! I had a blast and actually rode a new roller coaster. Best of all? I got to have some delicious watermelon and stayed till the park closed.
  • Saturday: My parents came home from their anniversary trip! I also washed my truck and went out to dinner with my family + Hannah’s friend.
  • Sunday: Going to church and hearing some awesome sermons, enjoying lunch made on the grill, and planting my garden.

Lovely weekend pictures:

Friday — KennywoodSaturday — Washing vehiclesSunday — Church & gardening

I don’t have a lot of pictures from Sunday… just one of Jimmy’s little brother 🙂*

I had such a nice weekend! I feel so blessed, as per usual. This week I am teaching four Spinning classes and my mom is having foot surgery on Thursday so I’ll be taking care of her and the house.


Bible verse of the day:

This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.” Isaiah 30:15


What did you do this weekend?!