Recent eats

Recent Eats

Whoa, I haven’t done a “recent eats” post since June. Not cool. But hey, I’ve never claimed to be a food blogger ūüėČ

Here’s some delicious food I’ve managed to take pictures of lately!

Mixed nuts. My favorite nuts in the package are the cashews and pecans, and my least favorite are the almonds.

Breaded spicy tofu.

Cherry danish from Panera Bread.

Celery with peanut butter, marshmallows, and chocolate chips. A new spin on “ants on a log.”

Microwaved red velvet cupcakes. I linked to the recipe in this post.

KIND and Luna Bars. These are so easy to bring to school and munch on during class when I get hungry.

Nutella! Two women at my church gave me samples of Nutella they received in the mail. I guess everyone knows I love Nutella?!

What have you been eating recently?!


Recent Eats

Happy Monday! Today was my first day back to school post-spring break. Bummer. The good news is that I’m halfway through the semester. Huzzah!

Here are some vacation eats:

dinnerRoom service! Veggie skewers with pita chips and black bean hummus, and an Asian chicken salad with ginger dressing. The best part of this dinner was definitely the pita chips + hummus.

IMG_5034An appetizer of spiced shrimp with mango curry sauce. I love curry.

eatinginbedI had to include this one… my mom ate her room service meal sitting cross legged in her bed like a little kid. Too funny.

postcardinnDinner from PCI Bar & Grill. I got collard greens, corn on the cob, and herb roasted chicken. I loved that my drink came in a mason jar. Very cute.

IMG_5072Bread pudding with ice cream and whipped cream.

shrimpandtunaSeasoned shrimp skewers and tuna salad.

turkeyTurkey on pumpernickel with chips.

IMG_5081Dunkin’ Donuts regular coffee with cream.

salmonSalmon and berry salad.

IMG_5103More salmon!

IMG_5104A tall soy milk from Starbucks. I’m addicted to soy milk.

Other (non-vacation) eats:

sugarcookiesJimmy’s younger brother and I baked homemade sugar cookies with vanilla¬†butter cream¬†frosting. I’m pretty close with Jimmy’s brother because we’re actually closer in age than Jimmy and I lol. Awkward life.

suagrcookiesMore sugar cookies. I need to get a life.

puppychowI made a big batch of puppy chow and gave some to Jimmy (with a little note… and yes, my nickname is Stitch…) after I got home from Florida.

I have two recipes to share, but those will come in another post!

What’s the best thing you’ve ate lately?