Seton Hill

My dorm issue

Lily is still cute. She is either sleeping or playing-that is the way to live!

Foodie pictures:

Vegetarian stuffed pepper. In the mix: green pepper, mushrooms, chickpeas, tomatoes, onion, and flax.

Beans for 15 bean soup

The veggies to add into the 15 bean soup

Snack attack: chickpeas w/ Indian seasoning & olive oil, haricot verts, and roasted butternut squash w/ cinnamon.


On Monday I visited Seton Hill for the second time. I went to check out my dorm room. My mom and sister tagged along but I made sure that I drove so I would learn the way to my school. 

Watch out for 12 year old girls driving. JK i’m 19.

So this is what my school looks like. Hogwarts, basically.

I’m not sure I want to post pictures of my actual dorm building because hey, creepers are real and alive.

Anyways, my dorm hosts 100 students and each suite inside the dorm hosts 6 people. My suit has 2 single rooms and 2 double rooms. I am in a double. I got a good look at it and everything looked swell to me! The bathroom, shower, and sink are all in seperate rooms so it makes it easier for 6 girls to get ready at the same time! It looks like I will be allowed o have a microwave and mini fridge-WOOT! I also tested the bed and it seems comfy to me.

The only issue I have with my dorm is the fact that I have 12 guys living on my floor. I don’t know how I feel about that…


Did you ever have to live in a dorm with the opposite gender? What do you think of it?

Aw, shucks!

Golly.. after asking what you want more of on my blog, I had no idea people actually liked my randomness. I kinda thought you all felt bad for me 😉

Everyone said that they like what I am doing and want to hear more about my personal life (cause I am sooo interesting, I know! JK.), recipes, and me transferring colleges! Well I do have some college updates!

Yesterday I filled out a bunch of student athlete forms and signed my national letter of intent. You may be wondering what that is.. I shall inform! National Letter of Intent: 

  • A legal, binding contract in which a student agrees to attend a college for one academic year. In return, a college agrees to provide the student with athletics related financial aid for one year.
Yep, I just made a commitment! Now I have to go to Seton Hill. 
You wanted to know more about my personal life. Well I’ll tell you. They gave me a $16,433 athletic scholarship. (I feel like i’m not allowed to say that on the internet?!)

 I will admit it was scary to sign the forms and my mom was like “Why are you being all quiet and sad today?!” I guess I just haven’t been used to going outside of my comfort zone in a while. But I am ready for what ever God brings me to because I trust Him. 
Today I enjoyed too much of this:I eat like half a watermelon a day. It makes my stomach appear to be carrying a large baby 🙂 I also mentioned that I mowed. Well someone was CREEPING on me!
LOL. Okay. That is enough of my crazy/random/personal stuff 🙂
Love yaaaaaaaaa<333333 
What helps you when you are afraid of change?!