All the Thoughts in My Brain Today

Hi! As per usual, I’ve got a lot of random things swirling around in my brain. Every time I sit down to write a post like this I think of Sadie saying one of her trademark phrases “Let’s talk about dis” when she wants to chat. So, let’s talk.

Piles of clean laundry on bed

–> I think I hit a personal record of letting clean laundry build up before folding it. I’ve been so busy working on my Etsy shop (just added a new flavor!) that I’ve kiiiiinda let the laundry slide. I took the above picture two days ago and I still haven’t finished putting it all away. Jimmy even vacuumed the other day–something he rarely does–because he said, and I quote: “Stuff was sticking to the bottoms of my feet” πŸ˜† I better get on the ball with housework.

–> Speaking of housework, I just prepped a big batch of breakfasts, so at least there’s that! I cooked home fries in a skillet and cracked a few eggs into the mixture. Then I stirred in some cheddar cheese and sprinkled on salt and pepper and scooped some of the mixture into tortillas. Voila, breakfast wraps for Jimmy for the next couple of weeks! I just freeze them and we pull them out as needed.

Earth's Best Organic letter of the day cookies oatmeal cinnamon flavor

–> I have a confession: I bought those cookies above for myself. They just sounded so good (and they are πŸ‘ŒπŸ») but alas, Sadie found them and has been eating them all. Please tell me I’m not the only parent that secretly dreads when their child eats their favorite snacks?!

–> I was looking through the notes on my phone and came across this: A good exchange is to give God your requests, worries, and concerns with thanksgiving and He will in turn give you His peace. Based off of Philippians 4:7. I don’t know when I wrote that but it was nice to randomly find and have that reminder!

Huskies sniffing cat

–> We have three huskies at our house as I type up this post. I was just thinking, you know, I’m not busy enough. I think I’ll do doggie daycare for two huskies today πŸ˜‚ For real, they have been a lot of fun! The hardest part of the day has actually been Sadie because she decided to wake up at 5:00 am for some reason.

–> I was picking up Niva’s number #2 piles in the yard yesterday and I’m pretty sure I also picked up an equal amount of dead birds. She is quite the hunter. 😳

Cat scratch on face

–> My face can’t get a break lately! I had a wicked sinus infection recently and my face hurt to the point where I was taking ibuprofen and got some antibiotics from the doctor. Then today Malcolm decided to scratch my face because he didn’t like the dogs. Makes total sense, right?!

–> I woke up at 4:30 this morning for no reason so I just got up, brewed coffee, and started my Bible reading early. I’m glad I did because as I mentioned before, Sadie was up for the day waaaay before she should have been. She did the same thing yesterday and I ended up reading my Bible outside at 3:00 pm in between filling her water table and trying to keep her entertained. Whatever works, right?!

What’s on your mind today?


    1. Whew! Glad I’m not the only one hoarding toddler snacks, LOL! It really is insane when kids wake up too early. It’s hard to get a handle on the day without having five seconds to wake up in peace, haha!

  1. That pic of the huskies and Malcolm in the window sill is so amazing.
    Malcolm needs a spanking πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

  2. Malcolm is just smart enough to know who the boss is. πŸ˜‰ Instead of going after the dogs he can just come directly to you with his complaints, ha! Sorry about the scratch, though. Hopefully it is healed by now! And hopefully you have had a chance to catch up on life lately. You have so much going on with your Etsy shop and dog sitting!

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