Progress and Our Weekend

Lots of progress has been happening over here at the Zottola Zoo. First of all, Sadie has been doing well with eating different foods. I saw corn on the cob at the grocery store for the first time since last summer, so we made some together!

Toddler eating corn on the cob

This picture reminded me of when she was seven months old and was super interested in corn on the cob. A girl after my corn-loving heart!

Also, she ate turkey last night. For a child who is basically a vegetarian, that was huge progress!! She has her follow-up appointment with the gastroenterologist today 🙏

Other progress has included our mantle and fireplace renovation! Jimmy has been cutting wood, welding steel, putting in drywall, and demoing our old mantle. This is what our living room looked like on Saturday 😅

Fireplace and mantle demolition for renovation

Meanwhile, at my parents house, they’ve been making progress on their powder room renovation.

I’m sort of in love with it. My mom, Sadie, and I hung out on Friday and we shopped around for some decorations and it’s coming along so nicely!

Bathroom with shiplap walls and blue decor accents

My dad did all of the renovations (shiplap walls, new flooring, new toilet, new sink, etc.) by himself. So talented!

Last but not least, we made progress on my spring bucket list on the first day of spring! We had a bonfire and it was just perfect. Jimmy pulled chairs up around the warm fire and we read books, talked, and relaxed.

I’m reading this memoir at the moment and Sadie is loving this book.

Mom and daughter reading by a bonfire

How was your weekend?

Are you making progress on any projects?



  1. Sadie with the corn on the cob is so precious – and I clicked back at your post when she was 7 months — basically made me cry 😢.
    I can’t wait to see the finished fireplace mantle project!! Jimmys’s work is ALWAYS top notch. Thank you for helping with decorating our little office powder room- I’m horrible at decorating anything. I guess we all have different gifts.
    Dad and I pretty much tore our living room apart and painted, and the put the quarter round trim in the living room & hallway, and eventually put it all back together!! It’s such a great feeling is accomplishment.

    Love you!!!

    1. I know, like how was she so little?! It went so fast!

      I agree–Jimmy’s work is always so perfect. I have been very blessed with him 🙂

      I had so much fun decorating the powder room with you! Thanks for letting me help out! Can’t wait to see your living room 🙂

      I love you so much ❤

  2. We’re in the middle of home updates too, so my living room is a disaster zone right now. HA!!
    I LOVE the shiplap wall on the powder room of your parent’s house! I wish I was brave enough to try shiplap over here, because I think it’s just so beautiful!! 🙂 Maybe someday.
    And hmmmm, we ate corn on the cob with dinner tonight. I love it SO much!!

    1. Isn’t having a disaster zone home the worst, but then when it’s done it’s just the best!! Ahh! Crazy, especially with kids in the mix!

      Yay for con on the cob! It’s getting to be that season 😍

      1. I normally HATE chaos in my home, so I’m weirded out that I’m actually handling it really well right now. HA! Nate, on the other hand, is definitely feeling anxiety over it… LOL!! He told me last night that he’s VERY excited we’ll be getting our bed back into the bedroom this weekend. Ha, ha! And I have to admit, it will be nice to have my living room back! 🙂

  3. So much good progress all around! I’m excited to see your mantle when it all comes together. And your parents’ little powder room looks great!

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