Updates, Thrifting, and Spring

Spring and daylight saving time are upon us! I’m currently outside while working on this post because it’s a glorious 70 degrees in Pittsburgh at the moment. Since it’s beginning to warm up, Sadie and I recently hit up the thrift store together to see if we could piece together a spring wardrobe for her so she’s not stuck in pants when it’s 70 degrees.

She carried a hula hoop that she found all around Goodwill while I searched through bins of clothes and I couldn’t say no to her. She was so patient and the hula hoop cost 12 cents, haha!

Toddler carrying hula hoop

We ended up coming leaving with 13 pieces of clothing and a shirt for my niece for $2.94! I’d say it was a win.

Some of the clothes I found were a little big, but she’ll have lots of room to grow and can probably wear them next spring, too!

Carters toddler sleeveless floral shirt

Speaking of Sadie, she sees a nephrologist (kidney specialist) on Friday morning. She had two abnormal urine samples under the care of her gastroenterologist, so she was referred to a doctor that will check on her kidneys.

Praying everything is okay! I just keep telling myself do not google test results!

Mom and toddler daughter at Starbucks

Our Starbucks dates look a little different these days. Sadie’s gastroenterologist said we can cancel her scopes(!!), prescribed a low lactose diet, and then she has a follow-up later this month. So, no chocolate milks lately, but apple juice does the trick for Sader Tot while I enjoy my usual coffee!

Shifting from Sadie’s health to… asparagus. It has been on point the past couple of weeks. I popped a tray of asparagus and grape tomatoes drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil into the oven and it was a delicious side to our dinner the other night.

Asparagus and tomatoes

And from asparagus to… nails. I’ve been loving having my nails done. My mom shooed me off to a local nail salon before Jimmy and I left for Nemacolin and it was such. a. treat.

Do you like having your nails done? It’s something I enjoy but rarely do for myself. Thanks, mom 😊

Blue nail polish

And with that, I’m off! Niva is going to get her second walk of the day because it’s warm and why not? Then it’s off to Bible study and tomorrow we’re having Jimmy’s brother, sister, and step-brother over for dinner. I’m making tacos!

Do you have a go-to meal that you make when guests come to your house?

Tortillas: are you team corn or flour? Soft or hardshell?



  1. I want to play hula hoop with Sadie!
    We have been praying every chance we get for Sadie!
    I love 💕 you

  2. Praying for Sadie’s appointment on Friday!! God has all the answers already… so praying for His healing touch AND for wisdom for the doctors. Also, definitely do your absolute best not to Google! I am sooooo bad at this, and I always do… And then I spend sleepless nights worrying about the worst possible thing that the symptoms HAVE to be due to. And well, needless to say, my family has survived deadly illnesses many times. 😉 It’s just always the minor option, but I can’t help but obviously worry about the worst case.
    I remember years back, I had major GI issues… TMI here but bloody stools, I lost 20 pounds, I couldn’t eat or keep food in me, I was so gaunt and unhealthy looking. And they ran every test in the book and – just given my symptoms AND how sick I looked / felt – I was convinced it was serious. And it ended up being a UTI that they missed and it was poisoning my blood… I ended up in the ER and literally a round of antibotics cured a 7 month scare almost overnight!
    So all that to say, it’s easy to think worst case and to worry about it. Again, I do it ALL the time; so I’m with you!! But try to take it a day at a time like you’re doing and know that nothing surprises God, and He already has everything figured out! Praying!!!
    On a completely unrelated note… HA! I’ve totally been into asparagus lately too! It must be a spring thing, for sure!! 🙂 I roast it as well, and it’s just soooooo GOOD!
    I love Color Street nail strips, but I haven’t done my nails since like Christmas. This makes me want to do them soon! 🙂 I do love having my nails done, because it makes me feel put together. But it doesn’t happen all the time. Ha, ha.
    So a couple of my go-to meals for when company comes are: Chicken Tetrazzini by Giada’s de laurentiis; Pot roast; A nice soup, homemade bread, and a fancy salad; Stuffed shells, OR Bruschetta chicken. 🙂

    1. Thank you SO much, Nicole! I’m glad I’m not the only one who goes down the google rabbit hole, haha. It’s so tempting to do it and then fear and worry creeps in. I had no idea about your GI issues! That must have been so incredibly scary! How wild that it was a simple UTI that they missed. Wow! I think we are having a similar type of situation because the doctor is suspecting Sadie’s tummy trouble simply lactose intolerance, haha!

      I hope you get a chance to do your nails!! It’s always nice to feel put together every now and then as a mama!

      I love all of your ideas for go-to meals for company!! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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