Sadie’s First Ear Infection + Coffee Talk

Poor Sadie girl came down with an ear infection last week. She randomly started tugging on her ear and acting not at all like her happy-go-lucky self. I gave her some Tylenol and booked an appointment to see the pediatrician the next morning.

Sadie did well at the appointment, except when the pediatrician wanted to look in her ear. We left the office with a diagnosis of an ear infection, a script for an antibiotic, and were on our way. I’m so thankful we were able to get in to the doctor quickly.

This little ear infection made me thankful that Sadie has been quite healthy otherwise! What a blessing. Another blessing? My mom had slept over that night because Jimmy was out of town for work. God knew when this mama needed her mama 🙂

Our little chicka doesn’t seem to be in too much pain. She’ll tug her ear and cry every now and then, and she’s not sleeping great, but she has taken everything in stride (even the diaper rash from the medicine, ugh). Getting the antibiotic in her has been quite the challenge! We tried giving her the amoxicillin in a mini medicine bottle, but that was a bit of a disaster, haha.

As I’ve mentioned before, she’s not a fan of bottles. We thought maybe she’d take the medicine from a bottle because it was bubblegum flavored, but nope! We’re using a syringe, but it seems like she just pushes the medicine right out of her mouth. Fellow parents, do you have any tips?!

Okay, enough about ear infections and bottles! Did everyone have a nice weekend? It was cold here in Pittsburgh, but we stayed warm with coffee!

Starbucks coffee date

My mother-in-law gave us Starbucks gift cards for Christmas, so we’ve been enjoying great coffee lately! I tried the Papua New Guinea blonde roast and loved it.

I had coffee on the brain this morning (see above about not getting much sleep, lol), so Sadie and I went on a little Starbucks date so I could work on editing my book.

Book editing at Starbucks

I tried the Kenya Barichu Reserve coffee, which was awesome. Having the Reserve coffee brewed in Starbuck’s Clover Brewing System was such a treat and reminded me of my coffee date with my dad around this time last year! Is anyone else really into the flavor profile of coffee, or are you in the coffee is coffee camp?

At home, Jimmy and I brew the Fair Trade Organic whole bean coffee from Aldi because it’s less than $5 for a 12 ounce bag and the coffee tastes great. If we go out to coffee shops like Starbucks, though, I really enjoy trying different blends and drinks!

Well, I better wrap this post up. Sadie is currently napping on me (I’m practicing my typing-with-one-hand skills, lol) and is starting to stir. Before I go, I need your help!

I’m still deciding on what to cook for our Valentine’s Day get-together. I’m considering the following: chili and cornbread, grilled barbecue ribs and chicken, spaghetti and meatballs, or a make your own pizza bar. What would you pick?!



  1. I like specialty coffee. I don’t drink it at home but when I go out, I want something that I can’t make for myself at home. I like good, strong, espresso. One of the coffee shops here now makes k-cups you can buy for at home and there’s a huge difference in those vs. whatever you buy at Walmart/Aldi/Costco etc. A k-cup isn’t just a k-cup. I haven’t tried the Aldi coffee, though I’ve heard it is good.

    Glad Sadie is recovering from the ear infection!

    1. Exactly my thoughts! When I’m out, I want a fun treat I can’t make myself! How neat that a coffee shop by you makes k cups! I wish ones near us did—I’d totally be into that!

  2. Poor Sadie! Hopefully she’s on the mend. In her defense I never liked bubblegum medicine growing up so I get wanting to spit it out 🙂

    That’s so exciting to be editing your first draft!! Can’t wait for you to publish the book since something tells me it will be great.

    Okay I’m so indecisive and all of those options sound delicious for dinner. A pizza bar sounds like a ton of fun but I also love a good spicy chili. Personally ribs remind me of summer so I would maybe save that for a bbq in warmer weather.

    1. Lol about not liking bubblegum medicine! So true!! Thankfully her ear infection cleared up!

      Thanks so much about the compliment on my first draft! That means a lot to me 🙂

  3. Aw poor thing!!! I hope she is turning the corner by now ❤ Sending her big hugs. Starbucks giftcards are the bestttt- I just used one yesterday and mmm mmm, gotta love that liquid gold!

    For the dinner- those all sound like great options! The pizza bar is a really fun idea and makes for a fun activity for everyone- but the chili & cornbread sounds so warm and cozy too! xox

    1. Thankfully as I finally reply to your comment her ear infection is all cleared up! Whoop whoop! Thanks for the hugs ❤

      YES to Sbux gift cards!! They are truly one of the best gifts, haha!!

      I was really pulling for chili + cornbread, too, but my sis-in-law told me she hates chili, LOL. Oh well, maybe I'll make it for Jimmy and I this week since we love it 🙂

      1. Yayyy!! Aww I am so happy to hear that ❤

        Okay to each their own- but of all things to hate- chili?!?! lol! How can one hate that cheesy savory warm goodness?! Looks like everything turned out so wonderfully with what you chose though! Have a great Thursday 🙂

  4. It’s so pitiful when babies are sick. I hope she decides she likes the medicine soon so she can heal up. And as always, I’m so glad you have family close by. It’s such a blessing with small children in the house.

    I am so proud of the continued hard work you are putting into your book even with a baby to care for. You are a rockstar! And enjoy every sip of that Starbucks coffee. You know I love them because they have a sugar free mocha sauce that I very rarely find at any other coffee shop. 🙂

    As for dinner… I love spaghetti and meatballs and there is a part of me that thinks back to the Lady & the Tramp when I think of them. For some reason that always sounds like a romantic dinner even though I always think about how hard it is to actually try to eat pasta politely while carrying a conversation, haha! Really all of your ideas sound so yummy! I look forward to hearing what you decide. 🙂

    1. She never did decide to like the medicine, but we figured out a way to get it in her, haha! Glad it’s done now, though! It truly is SUCH a blessing to have family nearby for help. I don’t know what we would do without them!

      Thank you for the encouragement about my book, Rach! That means so much to me! ❤ You better believe I am enjoying every sip of that coffee, haha! Yay for the SF mocha sauce! It has been a while since I had a mocha and now I want one!

      Ahh, Lady and the Tramp! Loved that movie, and now it reminds me of Mavis!! Totally romantic, even with trying to eat spaghetti, haha!!

  5. Poor baby Sadie! So learning how to give a baby medicine feels new to me as well, because Brady took it like a champ. He actually ‘liked’ medicine and would guzzle it down like juice. HA! I thought all kiddos were like that until Kaitlyn came along… She spits everything out as well. She had her first ear infection last February and spit out a ton of the medicine, but apparently she got enough in to help fight off the infection. With her, we really have to make sure the syringe goes back into the inside of her cheek, but I can’t say that I’ve found a fool-proof method yet.
    All that coffee sounds amazing, as does your menu for Valentine’s!! Yum, yum, yum! I can’t wait to hear what you decide to go with!!! 🙂

    1. How interesting that Brady took medicine like a champ (and even liked it!!!) but Kaitlyn spits it out! I think the same thing happened with Sadie–she got enough medicine to clear the infection up, even with spitting out most of it, haha!

      Thanks for the tip with the syringe going back into the inside of her cheek!!

  6. Aww poor Sadie!! I hope she’s feeling a bit better by now. Ear infections are literally the worst, and how sad for a baby who can’t really express how she’s feeling. :/
    I definitely am more of a coffee snob who is particular about good flavor. I don’t think I used to be, but then we found inexpensive and really good-quality coffee and since then, I’ve noticed poor-quality coffee more, lol, so I got spoiled. 😉 I love that you found a great kind for so cheap at Aldi’s!

    1. Sadie girl is feeling much better and her ear infection is all cleared up now–yay!!

      I agree about how sad it is for babies not being able to express themselves when they aren’t feeling well. It’s so pitiful and sad!! She got lots of extra cuddles 🙂

      Yay for you being a fellow coffee snob!! It’s so true that once you find good coffee, you can really notice poor-quality coffee, haha. What coffee do you guys buy?!

      1. Oh good!! I’m glad that it’s all cleared up now–though now I know about how you all caught the flu not long after, and that just sounds miserable! What a season!

        I don’t know if it’s where you live, but we loved World Market coffee! We could go and buy a big bag for about $10 and even grind the beans there. We don’t get it anymore since their machine changed the texture and broke out Keurig lol, but it was great for about a year. Now we get either Starbucks, Peets, or Dunkin’ Donuts! I even found ground Peet’s on Amazon for $10! Dark roast is definitely my favorite. 😉

  7. Oh, poor Sadie! Ear infections are so unpleasant – I had one a few years ago and it made me feel disoriented because I couldn’t hear out of one ear. It must be even harder for babies/small children as they can’t explain how they’re feeling. I hope the antibiotics started working quickly and that she recovers quickly.

    Re: specialty coffee – yes! I’m with you… different coffees have such different flavor profiles. I often enjoy Colombian coffee.

    Yay that you’re still working on your work despite being busy and sleep deprived. I’d love to read it one day if you decide to share it.

    What did you decide to cook for Valentine’s Day? Hope you had a lovely day yesterday 🙂

    1. I’m so sorry you had that ear infection! It must have been horrible! I agree that it’s so tough for babies because they can’t just say “Hey, mom… my ear really hurts right now!”

      Thankfully Sadie’s ear infection is all cleared up now!

      Mmm, now I want Colombian coffee! I just had breakfast blend this morning and it was good, but I think Colombian is way more robust and tasty!

      I am SO honored you would want to read my book! Now I’m really determined to finish it despite the sleep deprivation and busyness, haha! There’s never a “right” or “perfect” time, so I just have to finish it regardless of my circumstances!

      We made ribs, chicken, potatoes, salad, apple pie, and cupcakes for V-Day! And enjoyed lots of candy, haha! I hope your Valentine’s Day was great, especially with the new guy in the mix 🙂

      1. Just posted this comment but it didn’t show up. Odd! Trying again (sorry if it posts twice!)

        Oh I’m glad Sadie’s all better now! Although I just saw Courtney’s comment about you all getting the flu. Ugh, winter is the worst in that respect. So many viruses! I’ve been avoiding people with colds in the office haha. And one of my co-workers was off sick with laryngitis, poor girl. Hope you’re all better now!

        Re: your book… yes, definitely! I’m curious! I don’t think you’ve ever told your readers here what it’s about so that makes me even more curious haha. But I totally understand if you prefer to keep it a personal project 🙂

        Wow, your Valentine’s meal sounds great! 🙂 I enjoyed the day but my guy’s working away so we didn’t spend it together. But he texted me and that made me smile. 🙂 It’s the first year I’ve got a Valentine’s message from a guy! And my company decorated the office with balloons and bowls of love heart candy. Do you have those in the States? They’re little heart-shaped candies with different messages on them, like “Kiss Me” and “You’re Mine”.

      2. I’m sorry you were having trouble with the comment! I only got it once, so I don’t know what happened!

        I agree with you about all the winter germs… it’s the pits! I don’t blame you for avoiding people at the office! I’d be the same way, haha. I told Hannah to avoid me once we got sick because I didn’t want her pregnant-self catching anything! I would have felt HORRIBLE! I hope your co-worker is feeling better now!

        I think once I finish my book I will talk about what it’s about!

        Thanks for the compliment on our V-Day meal! Sorry you didn’t get to spend the day with your sweetie! How sweet that he texted you, though 🙂 We do have the heart candy here! It’s like chalky… is that how it is for you guys?!

  8. Lol about not liking bubblegum medicine! So true!! Thankfully her ear infection cleared up!

    Thanks so much about the compliment on my first draft! That means a lot to me 🙂

  9. Oh poor Sadie!! It’s been awhile since you posted this so I hope she’s all better now. I am really into the flavor profile of coffee too, I just like mine plain & black. I wish I got to vote on the VDay dinner you made! Dang it, I would’ve chose grilled BBQ ribs & chicken. 🙂

    1. I’m happy to report her ear infection is all cleared up–whoop whoop!!

      You’re amazing for liking coffee plain and black! I at least have to have some cream, haha. Do you enjoy specality drinks like frappuccinos and lattes, or just black coffee?!

      So funny you chose grilled BBQ ribs and chicken… that’s what we made!! Great minds think alike 🙂

      1. Oh yay!! I’m so happy to hear her infection is all cleared up. ❤ Sometimes I like frappucinos but only for dessert because they taste more like a coffee milkshake. I think I hate lattes though! Black coffee & plain iced shots of espresso are my fave lol. 😛

        I can't believe I chose the option you actually made!!! 😀 Sounds so yummy!!!

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