More Sickness, Eggs, and Other Fun

Just when I thought we were all recovered from our recent sickness, I came down with a head cold over the weekend. Man! Who is ready for spring?! This cold and flu season has really gotten the best of us with Sadie’s ear infection, the stomach flu, and my cold.

I missed the baby shower I was supposed to go to on Saturday, but I still managed to get the funfetti cookies I baked delivered to the shower.

Funfetti cake mix cookies

I missed out on church on Sunday, too. I had a fever on Saturday night, so I didn’t think it was a good idea to bring my germs into the church nursery the next day. I always miss being with our church family when we’re sick or away. Our time at church is like a refreshment from the world each week, if that makes sense. I’m really looking forward to feeling totally normal and being with our people later this week!

Speaking of cookies, I also made graham cracker chocolate chip cookies over the weekend. They were good–Jimmy even said they were blogworthy–but I think they need marshmallows. So, basically I want to make s’mores cookies. I’ll share the recipe if I pick up some marshmallows and try again soon!

Okay, onto the topic of eggs.

Farm fresh eggs

My sister-in-law’s future father-in-law (did that make sense?!) has a chicken coop and gives away the eggs. My SIL casually asked if Jimmy and I would want some and I think I scared her by how excited I got. Of course we want local eggs!

I had my first egg on an english muffin for lunch today and it was delish.

Other fun things of note:
-Sadie and I did a puzzle together at the library.
-Jimmy and I are slowly working on getting Sadie to sleep in her crib at night. This has been so helpful.
-On the nights we manage to get Sadie to sleep in her crib before we go to bed, Jimmy and I have been watching Hallmark movies together. We like to laugh about the plot and how cliche it is, but we’re enjoying our alone time so much!
-I just started reading this book and I’m enjoying it so far.
-Jimmy and I are going bowling with our church this weekend and I’m excited. I’m horrible at bowling, but it’s so fun!
-We dressed Sadie in a dinosaur suit over the weekend and we’re still cracking up at how cute/funny she was in it.

Now onto a few pictures to go along with the fun things of note!

Baby and mom doing dinosaur puzzleBaby and dad in dinosaur outfitBaby girl and dad in dinosaur suit

Okay, this post officially feels all over the place! As usual. I feel like that’s a post in and of itself; I feel all over the place since having a baby. It’s amazing and wild and such a learning experience.

Speaking of babyhood, Sadie just woke up from a nap so I better finish this post! She turned five-months-old yesterday and I’m thinking of actually writing an update on her for once… yay or nay? I always enjoy reading them on other blogs, and I’m sure I’ll love looking back on it. Let me know what you think!

Are you excited for spring?

Do you like bowling?



  1. I can’t wait for your family to all be healthy again!! I am super excited for Spring, so we can take Sadie to all the local parks!! She loves being outside and around people so I know she’ll really enjoy walks in her stroller 😊 The cookies you made look delish!! I wish I could have tried one 😣 I love Sadie’s Dino suit, and the fact you are taking her to the library often and reading to her and doing puzzles with her too!! You and your siblings always loved that too!
    Love you beautiful mama ~

  2. I’m so ready for spring it’s not even funny! Bring on some warm temps, cute dresses and not having to wear a million layers. Sadie is adorable in her dinosaur suit!

  3. My goodness, I can’t believe you caught a cold right after recovering from the stomach flu!! I feel so bad for you guys. Here’s to hoping that’s the last of it and you can stay healthy for awhile now!!
    Oh and it would definitely be so fun to read an update on Sadie! How is she already 5-months old?! ❤

      1. Oh good, I’m so glad you all are feeling better now!! Thankfully we have avoided any sickness somehow…I’m feeling very grateful!!

  4. Oh no! Sorry to hear that you got sick again. I hope you’re feeling better now!

    Ooh, the chocolate chip cookies sound great! Please do share the recipe. 🙂 I’d make mine without marshmallows anyway as I’m not a big fan of them. I also really want to make brownies soon. Do you have a favourite recipe?

    Mm, fresh eggs are so tasty! I often cook a quick breakfast of soft-boiled eggs and ‘soldiers’ (toast cut into thin, finger-width slices). I don’t know where the name comes from but it’s a traditional British thing! Have you heard of boiled eggs and soldiers?

    Love Sadie’s dinosaur outfit. What a little cutie! 🙂 The last photo of her and Jimmy both smiling at the camera is so sweet.

    Your current read sounds great, by the way! I think I’d enjoy it. I’ve been thinking of re-starting my blog… after six years of blogging at least once a month, I haven’t blogged in over a year! But I’d probably go back to it mainly as a book blog and use it as a review journal of the books I read.

    And yes, I’m definitely ready for spring! The past few days have been warm here and I’ve been loving the sun!

    1. Now that I’m replying a month later, I am definitely feeling all better now!! Yay 🙂

      I will absolutely share the recipe if I make them again! My favorite brownie recipe is here: They’re definitely more fudge-y than cake-y… I don’t know how you like your brownies, so I thought I’d mention that in case it’s an issue!

      Now I want to try soldiers for breakfast! That sounds delicious! I don’t think I’ve heard of that. Have you ever heard of “Navy eggs” where the egg is cooked into a hole in the middle of a piece of toast? I guess people in the Navy came up with that so the egg wouldn’t slide off their plate while on a ship or something along those lines?! Food history is so interesting to me!

      I hope you decide to re-start your blog! I’d love to read whatever you decide to write about 🙂

      I hope you’ve been having more spring-like weather!

      1. I’m only just catching up with blog reading so now I’m replying, almost a month late too haha.

        Ooh thanks for the recipe! I’ll definitely give that a try as I really like fudgy brownies. I made some vegan brownies last week which were amazing. 🙂

        I’ve never heard of Navy eggs but it sounds like a neat idea!

        If/when I do start blogging again, I think I might turn it into a books blog. I used to enjoy writing about the different books I read and it helps me keep track of what I’ve read too.

        The weather here is amazing right now. Sunny and warm!

        I hope you have a lovely Easter with your family. 🙂

      2. I’d love to try the brownie recipe you tried, especially since you like brownies fudgy, too!!

        So glad you’re having warm weather 🙂

        I hope your Easter is lovely as well!

  5. I hope you feel better soon and that you all stay healthy til the warm weather comes.

    I’m on board for graham cracker chocolate chip cookies or s’mores cookies being on the blog.

    I’m interested in a Sadie update!

    1. Ahh thank you, P! We put it on our baby registry and were soo excited when we opened it at our baby shower. It’s so weird/cool to see her in it now since we spent months imagining how cute she’d be in it!

  6. I’m definitely excited for spring, too!! I can’t believe you were hit with yet another cold, Allie. I’m so sorry. 😦 No one deserves that!! I hope you’re feeling much better by now. ❤ Those funfetti cookies look perfect & I can't wait to see your s'mores cookies if you do try them again. Sadie is TOO cute in that dinosaur suit, happy 5th month to her!! It's totally understandable that you're feeling all over the place since having her but, you must know you're doing amazing!! ❤ I love that you & Jimmy have been watching Hallmark movies together. So romantic!!

    1. I’m feeling all better–yay!! I will definitely post about the s’mores cookies if I make them!!

      The dinosaur suit just kills me! It’s one of our favorite outfits on her and I’m going to be so sad when she outgrows it! I guess I’ll just have to get it in the next size up 😉

      Haha, yeah, gotta love romantic Hallmark movie nights!

      1. LOL yes, I was gonna suggest you buy her a new dinosaur suit every time she grows but I see you’ve already thought of that. ;D

        Nothing beats a Hallmark movie night! ❤

  7. I always love to read baby things so I vote yes to the update!

    And girl, YES, BRING ON SPRING. I’m ready for sunshine and an end to sickness! Bless your hearts, being sick is so hard when there is someone relying on you!

    That little dinosaur suit is SO CUTE! Too bad they don’t have any 2T in stock! I need to keep an eye out, though. 🙂

    1. Yaaay, thank you, Rach! I’m so glad I started the updates! I am already looking back on month five and smiling at how much she has changed and grown!

      I hope Memphis has been getting some spring-like weather! Pittsburgh is trying… it’s rainy and in the 40s, but we’re getting there!

      I hope you can find a dino suit! Izzy would look soooo adorable in it! Amazon is the best for stuff like that!

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