12 Pictures

1. This is Brandy, Hannah’s new cocker spaniel puppy! Brandy was a surprise gift for Hannah’s 15th birthday.


2. Zucchini brownies. With a chocolate glaze. Can’t go wrong with a chocolate glaze!


3. My brother and sister-in-law know me so well. They brought me home some awesome gifts from the Dominican Republic. I’ve already used almost all of the honey!


4. Zucchini + banana + Nutella bread. Yes.


5. Have I ever mentioned that I adore my sister? I do. I love her so much.


6. This skirt = so comfy.


7. I’ve been making pickles like crazy lately! So far, I’ve made a sweet ginger batch, and a spicy banana pepper and red pepper flavored batch. I definitely prefer the sweeter flavored pickles.


8. I received this candle as a gift from someone at my church. It smells amazing and I’m kind of depressed that it’s a limited edition candle.


9. Hey. It’s Felix.


10. Ear plugs. Random, right?! Well, I live in a split-level house with 3 family members and four pets. Everyone in my family is on a different sleep schedule and sometimes it can get loud at night. So, I bought ear plugs and they work really, really well. Now my parent’s are afraid I’ll sleep through a fire alarm or tornado.


11. I love this boy.


12. Okay, one more photo of Brandy. She’s just too cute!



  1. Brandy is such an adorable puppy, as most puppies are!:) I can’t imagine my life without our two dogs, even though they are no longer puppies–they always bring me so much joy and energy. Those pickles look delicious; I have always wanted to make my own pickles, but haven’t yet achieved that goal…

  2. Brandy is a super cute dog and addition to your family. What a great birthday present for Hannah :).

    Your brother and sister in law definitely know you well, bringing you those gifts back from the honeymoon… I love getting things like foodie gifts or candles rather than something like t-shirts (my inlaws always bring us t-shirts… lol). I smelled that candle at BBW too, it does smell good but I had to settle with the cupcake scented one!

  3. GO BUY MORE of that candle..hurry before they are all gone hahaha. I love all your zucchini creations! I have so much zucchini in my fridge and it’s starting to go bad, NOOO!

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