1,004 cookies

As many readers know, my brother tied the knot on July 27th!12

In May, my brother and his then fiance, Racquel, asked me to bake 500 cookies for their wedding. The plan was that I was to bake 500 cookies, and Racquel’s friend was to bake 500 cookies.

Then her friend bailed.

So I baked all of the cookies. And I loved every second of the whole process. It took me a week to bake all of the cookies, so I averaged 1-2 different types per day.

Here’s a list of the cookies:

Chewy lemon (8.5 dozen)
Double chocolate (12 dozen)
Peanut butter, pretzel, and milk chocolate chip (11 dozen)
Almond butter (7.6 dozen)
Zucchini cookies (8.5 dozen)
Mexican wedding (7.5 dozen)
Chocolate-dipped shortbread (8.2 dozen)
Glazed orange (5 dozen)
Chocolate chip (7 dozen)
-Lady locks (I ordered these because they’re hard to make! Sorry I’m not sorry.) (8 dozen)

Some photos:

lemon cookies
Lemon cookies

Peanut butter, pretzel, and milk chocolate chip cookies

Almond butter cookies

Zucchini cookies
Zucchini cookies

mexican wedding cookies
Mexican wedding cookies… plus a messy kitchen table 😉

shortbread cookies
Chocolate-dipped shortbread cookies

glazed orange cookies
Glazed orange cookies

chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate chip cookies

This is a picture of all 1,004 cookies before I brought them over to Racquel’s house the night before the wedding.

I didn’t take any pictures of the cookies at the reception, but I did visit the cookie table a few times throughout the evening to hear people’s opinions on the cookies (yes, I realize that is very creeper-ish).

The top three cookies that I heard guests rave about most were:

Double chocolate
Peanut butter, pretzel, and milk chocolate chip
Glazed orange

My thoughts on the experience:

I would do it all again in a heartbeat.
-I’m sad it’s over. Seriously!
-I’m not sad that my freezer now has space for something other than cookies.
-My family and I loved taste testing every single batch of cookies!
-I’m really glad I could help with my brother’s wedding in such a fun way.



  1. I’m still amazed that you took this on even after the other friend bailed. And you did a great job with it… all those cookies look delicious, and it means a lot to have them at the wedding instead of just catered food or all store bought stuff (it is okay that you bought some… totally understand that!). Glad that everyone raved over them, you should really think about selling some of your baked good somewhere, just on the side. Or since your parents are in the real estate business, maybe you can find some way to combine that for when people buy homes?

  2. girl, I need you as a party planner! ha that is amazing, have you ever thought of selling cookies or doing some sort of professional catering? I mean even locally it would be a great opportunity for you and your amazing skill

  3. you seriously rock for doing all of this! We are in the process of finding where we want our lady locks from because, like you said, they are just impossible! My mom is going around town finding her faves haha

  4. That actually sounds like something I would love too! It’s awesome that you did that for your brother and his wife. I bet they were delicious and now I’m thinking when I get married one day a cookie bar is definitely in store…

  5. WOW! You are a professionally cookie baker in my mind! Lol I would be so mad if someone bailed out last minute for my wedding but thankfully, you were there to take her end of the bargain!!

  6. Best sister award goes to you this year – most definitely! That is awesome!! Over a 1000 cookies. I wonder what the world record is for a single person baking cookies in that time frame…..

  7. I’m just catching up on blog reading after being away for awhile, and I must say that I am impressed with all the cookies you made! It sounds like you had a really good variety too. Congrats to your brother and his new wife!!!

  8. You are such a rockstar for making so many cookies for your brother’s wedding! I remember when you first blogged about them asking you to do it and I was thinking that there is no way I’d be able to do something like that. But you rocked it! Way to be! 🙂

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