Snapshots from the Past Few Days

Hey hey! I’m coming at ya bright and early this morning. Malcolm slept in Sadie’s room last night and work her up at 4:30 and Sader Tot decided to take all her clothes out of her drawers and throw them on the floor 🤷‍♀️ 

I’m just stopping in to share some photos from the past few days! 

Battle Bots World Championship Brackets

Friday night found Jimmy and I snuggling on the couch while watching our favorite TV show, BattleBots. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I never thought I would truly enjoy watching robots fight but it’s so fascinating!

We printed and filled out brackets for the World Championship and I can’t wait to see whose bracket is closest to the actual result!

Girl with cat on her lap and husky

In case you were wondering, this is what we looking like while snuggling on the couch: me in mismatching clothes, Malcolm on my lap, and Niva snoozing beside us. 

I’m not ashamed to say that I used Niva’s paws to cover me up for warmth at one point 😉 

Nature's Path Leapin' Lemurs Cereal

Confession time: I bought this cereal for Sadie but I have definitely ate most of it myself. It’s delicious! Highly recommend.

I have to know, are you a serial cereal mixer? I am! I will mix four or five types of cereal together at once and Jimmy think’s it’s wacko. 

Mom and toddler at Lowes

We went on a family date to our favorite store: Lowes! Sadie was wearing her jammies with rain boots and I was kind of jealous of how comfy she was.

Wild Saturday night for the Zottola family 🤓

Mom and daughter in Valentine's Day dresses with husky

Sunday was Valentine’s Day and we dressed up for the occasion! Jimmy had to stay after church for a bit, so us girls hung out at home between the services. We didn’t do anything extra special on the holiday, but it was a nice day nonetheless ❤️ 

In the evening, my sister and friend helped me teach the kids in the toddler room at church and it was great to spend time with them and catch up!

Toddler holding snowball

Pittsburgh got a nice little snowstorm on Monday so Sadie, Niva, and I headed out in the tundra for a walk. Sadie thought picking up chunks of snow was the coolest.

I love seeing the world through her eyes. Everything is so interesting to her!

Mom and toddler with peanut butter cookies

The above picture brings us to Monday night. I had the bright idea to bake peanut butter cookies with Sadie at 8 PM (aka her bedtime) and it was comically disastrous. I turned my back for one second and she turned the hand mixer on and cookie dough ended up splattered on the wall, couch, floor… everywhere! Niva loved that 🐶 

I let her have a warm cookie while we read books in bed and that was mistake #2. She was so wired from the sugar the she didn’t fall asleep until 9 PM. I also had to vacuum crumbs out of her bed, lol. It’s a funny memory now!

What would pictures of the past few days look like for you?



  1. The brackets are absolutely hilarious 😂. Malcolm looked like he was your black furry belt, and Niva was totally passed out and cozy with mama. Your pics are always so amazing. My fave is Sadie holding the snow. I can just here her saying ‘mama, it’s a snowy day!’
    Love you

  2. I used to have Nature’s Path cereal when I was little, about 20 years ago haha. I remember the boxes used to have gorillas on them. I think it was called Gorilla Munch? And there was another one with orangutans on the box.

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