If It Works…

I’m learning that parenting is often about finding creative solutions. Have a cranky toddler? Try playing with canned goods. It’s a lot more fun than playing with toys. 

Toddler playing with canned goods

Did your child decide to skip their nap yesterday (and the day before… and the day before…)?

Let them fall asleep at 4:00 pm on their dad’s chest. It’s super cute and might remind you of the newborn days 🙂

Dad with toddler sleeping on his chest

Did your child wake up way too early this morning? Bundle up and take a walk at 7:00 am!

You won’t get too many strange looks and you’ll get some fresh air.

Toddler taking a walk

Did your toddler decide she didn’t want to nap again today? Try climbing in the crib with her. Then you both get to snooze!

Mom sleeping in crib with toddler

What’s the last creative solution you came up with?



  1. My kids were great as toddlers and I think part of it was what you wrote about…just going with whatever works. I mean a sink full of soapy water in the winter is just as much fun as a pool full of freezing cold water in summer!

    1. I loved reading your comment! It’s definitely all about going with the flow with little ones! I am definitely going to have to try out the sink full of soapy water thing ASAP 🙂

      1. Another really fun one is shaving cream. Depending on where you live and if you can do it outside just on a table is fine but if not, bathing suits in the tub with a can of shaving cream!

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