Noodle Hair Confession and Harvesting Vegetables from the Garden

Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes for Sadie’s nose to heal up. She is looking much better and is her happy-go-lucky self! The swelling has gone down and she just has a cut and a tiny bit of bruising by her eye. She’s a champ, lol.

Toddler painting Abeka homeschool craft

We spent some time painting a picture from her arts and crafts book yesterday and she was loving it. We also went out to the garden.

We harvested two different varieties of yellow squash and some swiss chard, micro greens, and arugula. Later on, we also picked the first cucumber of the season!

Yellow squash and greens from vegetable garden in Pittsburgh

We have a few watermelons, green peppers, and jalapeños coming in, tomatoes are beginning to ripen, and the strawberries are being eaten by birds before we can pick them. They must be good 😉

These two behaved fairly well yesterday. Sure, Niva stole sweet potato fries off my dinner plate when I turned my back while Malcolm went for the chicken, but that’s child’s play compared to their usual antics.

Siberian Husky and black cat together

Sadie, on the other hand, went on a little breaking spree.

She broke the hanging succulent Jimmy gave me as a Mother’s Day gift when I was pregnant with her and the coffee mug my sister-in-law gave Jimmy for performing their wedding ceremony.

Broken coffee mug and glass succulent holder

When sentimental things like that break, I try to remind myself that they’re just things. Material possessions are nice and a blessing, but I never want to be so attached to something that when it breaks I flip out, you know?

I’m sure it’s easier said than done with it’s bigger and more important than decor and a coffee mug, though.

In the evening, we headed to church and I found a noodle in Sadie’s hair when we got there. I have to confess: I took the noodle out of her hair and gave it to her… and she ate it.

Noodle in toddler's hairFamily picture of mom and dad and toddler taking a selfie

Have you ever found something random in your hair? (True story, I once found a mini drone in my hair.)



  1. Love all of your posts lately!! I’m sorry that some sentimental things got broken!
    Also, I have never found anything unusual i my hair but I’ve definitely found lots of food items in Caroline’s lol!

  2. One hair thing comes to mind (one your husband may appreciate) – When I had the signmaking job I once spent about three weeks doing nothing but cut lengths of aluminium. For literally weeks afterwards I was finding bits of aluminium swarf in my hair!

    1. I showed Jimmy your comment and he said he could definitely relate, haha! He HATES working with aluminum, and was very impressed you spent three weeks doing nothing but cutting it without going crazy!

  3. I love what you wrote about how you don’t want to flip out over broken things (even sentimental ones). I will never forget dropping a plate when I was a child and watching it shatter into a hundred pieces on the floor. Convinced I was going to be in so much trouble (and embarrassed to boot), I started to cry. An adult was nearby when it happened and she got down on my level and told me, “Honey, it’s okay. It’s just stuff. You are far more valuable than this plate. Let me help you clean it up.” That has stuck with me to this day. Her reaction in the moment truly taught me that *I* was more important than than stuff. Because of that interaction I have always been really careful to not overreact when things are broken. It’s okay to be sentimental and attached to things (I certainly am!), but it’s also so good to remember that things can be cleaned up and usually even replaced to some degree. So I love that you wrote about that here! ❤

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