One week and two randoms

Hello and happy Thursday. One week until Thanksgiving!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share some pictures of my family’s pre-Thanksgiving meal. I convinced my mom that it would be a good idea to test out recipes before the big day. I mostly wanted turkey and pumpkin pie, though 😉

On the menu was: roasted turkey, honey-orange cranberry sauce, steamed broccoli, fried potatoes, and pumpkin pie with a graham cracker crust.

It was my first time making making homemade cranberry sauce, and I started thinking about different ways I could use the leftover sauce…. like in a peanut butter and cranberry sauce sandwich. Instead of PB&J, it would be PB&C. Yum!

The pumpkin pie was definitely my favorite part of the meal, and I ate it before I ate dinner. Gotta eat dessert first sometimes!


Two random things:

My mom emailed me this Groupon because she thinks I’m becoming Quasimodo (you know.. the Hunchback of Notre-Dame..). I will admit that I have really, really bad posture. I would probably gain about three inches in height if I stood up straight every once in a while.

This ketchup = bomb. And by bomb I mean really good. I can go through a bottle of ketchup almost as fast as I can go through a jar of peanut butter (like two or three days..ha…). Gotta love Felix just laying on the floor in the background, haha.

I would share more randomness, but I have a busy day of homework and projects ahead of me! I hope everyone has a great end of the week!


Do you have bad posture?

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving-esque food?


  1. Sometimes I think I do have bad posture. I do slouch a lot or sit around a lot instead of sitting up straight like I probably should. I think yoga helps a bit and I know I slouch when running, ugh. Probably why those super long runs wore me out so badly when marathon training.

    I’ve never seen that ketchup… I don’t eat ketchup at all but it looks interesting that you can buy it flavored now. I remember the green one back when I was in high school, hehe.

  2. Your pre-Thanksgiving test meal sounds and looks delicious! I’ll have to try that cranberry and orange sauce. Yum!

    I do have terrible posture! Did you buy the item with the Groupon?? If so, do you like it?

  3. I have the WORST posture and I definitely have an arch in my back because of how bad it is sometimes. Yikes. I’ve been working on a lot of “core strength” lately, though, and it seems to be really helping. I have to FOCUS on keeping my back straight and I really have noticed a difference with how much my back hurts some days!

    And homemade cranberry sauce is my FAVORITE. And I’ve never thought to put it on a PB sandwich! I think you just gave me a great idea!!

  4. You have convinced me to look at that ketchup. I saw it at the store the other day and I thought it looked pretty good but didn’t know if I was actually wanted to buy and use it. If it gets your seal of approval I must then!

  5. I usually make a pre-Thanksgiving meal, but I didn’t have time this year! But I think it’s a GREAT idea to test out recipes… and to have lots of leftovers. 🙂

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