Five Years

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Jimmy and I celebrated five years together on October 3rd. I’m feeling extremely blessed and thankful!



  1. Congratulations Allie :). I love the pictures of you two through the years and seeing how your looks have changed (especially Jimmy’s hair, hehe). Have a great day!

  2. Congratulations, Allie!!! So cool to see you and Jimmy through the years! You two are seriously perfect together. May God bless you as you continue to grow together throughout the years. Soooooo happy for you!!!

  3. Hi Allie! I love your blog! You and Jimmy are so cute together! But I was wondering if you ever had any rough patches where you broke up for a time? You guys seem so perfect and I was just curious because my experience with young love is usually rocky lol

    1. Hey Carla! Thank you for your comment and saying Jimmy and I are cute together–that means a lot to me! We haven’t broken up throughout our 5 years together, but that’s not to say that we don’t have disagreements from time to time. We’re definitely not perfect! I think we don’t fight very often because we only see each other on the weekends. I can blog about this topic if you’d like. Let me know and thanks for your comment!

      1. Haha you’re welcome you guys are definitely an example for young couples and 5 years holy cow! I can tell you guys have a lot of love for each other! And actually that would be awesome if you felt like blogging about the topic! I would definitely be interested knowing how you guys keep your connection so strong!

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