No Internet!

I am sad to report that my house does not have an Internet connection! (I’m blogging from my iPhone right now) I think it will be fixed on Monday afternoon. The tough thing is that I have a lot of school work that requires me to use the Internet so I’m headed to Panera Bread (free wi-fi!) right now and I’ll probably have to spend extra time on campus tomorrow to do research and print stuff. Fun times.

I shall leave you with some pictures from snowday.. I mean Saturday. I can’t believe it snowed in Pittsburgh in October. It isn’t too surprising but I guess I just didn’t expect it.

I worked with Jimmy on Saturday at his family’s welding business. We were up and off to work early and he was throwing a snowball at me while I took the picture.


We took Tobi to work with us and she enjoyed playing in the snow a little bit šŸ™‚


Okay.. I’m off to study and then heading to evening church. I’ll probably be reading blogs from my phone sometime soon!

How is the weather by you?!



  1. Sorry about not having internet :(. But I’m sure you’ll find something else to do while it’s out (Even tho I know it sucks to not have it).

    The snow pics are pretty. I won’t tell you what our high here today was, though…

  2. Wow, that snow is crazy! Got the first major frost here over the weekend, but hopefully snow is still far, far away. And shame about the internet, but I think any excuse for Panera is a good one šŸ˜€

  3. I’ve watched the news but oh wow… We’ve been having a really warm weather now that it’s like 70F during daytime in my neighborhood. But it’s going to be really cold all the sudden this Thursday. I’m not ready for cold weather…. We never have snow in SF (have to drive 4 hours to see snow), so I guess it’s not that cold compared to your “cold” standard…

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