spin class

Recent eats

Hi. Lily grew from my armpit.

She loves to distract me from my homework

Adjusting to the time change, a new job, and coming back from spring break all in one week has left me pooped. I can’t wait to (hopefully) sleep in this weekend!

Recent eats:

Crepes with lactose-free yogurt. I had them one night this week and then had them as leftovers the next day with chia seeds on top. It was my first time trying chia seeds and I kept feeling like I was going to grow a chia pet in my belly. Ch-ch-ch-chiaaaaa!

I’ve tried larabars before and thought they were just okay. Then I tried the carrot cake flavor. I love it!

Coffee with half & half while studying Spanish at school.

Salmon salad from a local restaurant. I was hungry like 30 minutes after eating this. Granola and peanut butter to the rescue!

A church lunch: beef veggie soup, salad, and a random assortment of meats, lasagna, and green beans. I forgot photography my dessert! It was coconut angel food cake 🙂

I’m off to teach spin class tonight from 6:15-7:00.. only two classes on Friday are separating me from the weekend!

What are you doing this weekend?


A day in the life: new semester!

I did a day in my life post last semester and I thought it would be cool to do another one for this semester. So far, this is what a Monday looks like for me!

5:00am – wake up: I grab a bowl of cereal with soy milk and a cup of coffee asap. I just hang out quietly because no one in my house is awake except for Lily. Lily and I play around for a few minutes. [Note: I seriously eat cereal for breakfast every day! Occasionally I will have a bagel + peanut butter or a bowl of oats, but I love cereal… a lot.]

5:30am gym time: I leave for the gym around 5:30 and get there around 6am. I usually do one of the following activities: run, life weights, swim, take a spin class. 6-7am workout and then drive home.

8-10:30am: I spend this time showering, eating a second breakfast + more coffee, reading my Bible, finishing last-minute school work, packing a lunch for school, and reading blogs. I’m still loving iced coffee, even in January!

I leave for school @ 10:30am and get there around 10:50am.

11:00-11:50am Spanish II: This class is scary to me. I have it 3x a week- on Monday for 50 minutes, and on Tuesday + Thursday for 1 hour and 15 minutes. I didn’t take Spanish I… I just jumped into Spanish II. We’ll see how this goes the rest of the semester ;pCute face? That is how I look in Spanish class.. confused and stuff!

11:50-12:50 lunch break: I usually pack my lunch to save some $$. My favorite sandwich is peanut butter and jelly. I also try to pack a vegetable, snacks like granola bars, and a drink.

1:00-1:50pm Fitness Theory: This class is with one of my favorite teachers and I’m going to be learning about fitness all semester. Happy.

2:00-2:50pm Creative Writing: Creative writing is interesting thus far. The teacher is really into poetry and I’m not. I’m excited to write a lot though!

3:00-4:15pm News Media Ethics: I have had this professor for 3 semesters in a row and I know how he teaches his classes. I like communications classes (that is my major), but this is a 400-level course reserved for seniors. I’m a sophomore, but I got into the class and I hope to just keep up and do my best!

4:15-6:00pm evening activities: I drive home, walk Lola, eat dinner, and start on homework that is due the next day. Lola gives me “the look” and we’re off! Walking my dog is one of my favorite activities EVER. [Note: Lola is a put bull-lab mix, adopted from a shelter and she is such a sweet dog<3]

6:00-9:00pm more homework or relaxing: If I have a lot of homework or studying to do, I’ll work on it until 8:30. If I don’t have a lot of school work I will just hang out with my family, watch TV, have a snack, or blog.

9:00-10:00pm bed time: I love going to bed early and sleeping as much as I can. Lola usually jumps up on my bed and snuggles with me as I write blog posts 🙂


That is a typical Monday for me (so far) in the new spring semester!