Recent eats

Hi. Lily grew from my armpit.

She loves to distract me from my homework

Adjusting to the time change, a new job, and coming back from spring break all in one week has left me pooped. I can’t wait to (hopefully) sleep in this weekend!

Recent eats:

Crepes with lactose-free yogurt. I had them one night this week and then had them as leftovers the next day with chia seeds on top. It was my first time trying chia seeds and I kept feeling like I was going to grow a chia pet in my belly. Ch-ch-ch-chiaaaaa!

I’ve tried larabars before and thought they were just okay. Then I tried the carrot cake flavor. I love it!

Coffee with half & half while studying Spanish at school.

Salmon salad from a local restaurant. I was hungry like 30 minutes after eating this. Granola and peanut butter to the rescue!

A church lunch: beef veggie soup, salad, and a random assortment of meats, lasagna, and green beans. I forgot photography my dessert! It was coconut angel food cake 🙂

I’m off to teach spin class tonight from 6:15-7:00.. only two classes on Friday are separating me from the weekend!

What are you doing this weekend?



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