Animal city

When I was enjoying spring break I mentioned in a post that I was doing an interview at an animal shelter for an article I was writing. I realized that I forgot to share my experience!

I headed to an animal shelter about 20 minutes from my home and interviewed the manager.

I also walked around and took pictures of all of the dogs and cats.

That’s pretty much all that went down. I was just so excited because it was one of my first big “assignments” from the school paper (i’m a dork). The article is now published on the website and it is going to be in the print edition of the paper at the end of March. Exciting :]

Speaking of animals and pets…. it has been pet city in the Smith house.

Ahhh. Good times.

Do you have pets?
(My family has 2 dogs, a cat, and a kitten. Sometimes I wish we had more pets.. I know-crazy!)



  1. We don’t have any pets because we live in an apartment :(. We definitely want a dog once we move into a house or somewhere that we can have one. Can’t really have them here, unfortunately.

    Off to read your article now… animal shelters can be such sad places. Pretty neat that you wrote the article and it will hopefully bring awareness!

  2. SO MUCH CUTE. I had a cat, but my mom stole him to be her replacement child, haha. Otherwise, I’m just waiting for when I move and can buy some CHICKENS! Okay, going to go check out your article (I’m a dork who’d be super-excited to write articles, too 😀 ).

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