(Not) Running Plans

In late January I began training for a June 2012 marathon and now I’ve pretty much decided not to run it. I went through each run well and was injury free. I’m still injury free. So what is the issue?

I even managed a few good trail runs.

Well, one day a few weeks ago I randomly looked on my family’s calendar for the date of my marathon and saw that it’s my little sister’s dance recital. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. At that point I decided to just run a marathon close to the date I had planned.

Then I couldn’t find one that “fit my bill.” I wanted a Saturday marathon and I was only willing to travel to PA, OH, NY, or WV. I searched for two weeks and I still couldn’t find one.

As I was praying about the situation I felt as if God was telling me “Allie, your plans aren’t working for a reason.” I thought about it and prayed some more and realized that I was becoming too bonded to training for this marathon. 

I started out training very excited and was reasonably “into it” but soon enough I was spending a lot of time in my training journal and on weather websites trying to plan out my runs for the week. I was thinking about the training more than I was thinking about the most important thing in my life–my faith and relationship with God.

Once I came to that realization I knew it was time to let go of the training plan and the whole idea of the marathon-for now. I’m sure I may one day run a marathon, but since praying about it, I feel like God is telling me that now isn’t my time.

So what are my running plans?

The short answer: I have a half marathon on the 31st of March and I am doing two 5k’s in April.

The long answer: I’m just going to run when I can & when I feel like it and not worry about training plans (to an extent-I don’t want to injure myself) and all of the stresses that come with it. Who knows what I will be racing in this summer or if I will run at all.

 I just know what needs to always, always come first in my life and thoughts- God.


This was a really hard post to write because I feel humbled. All through January, February, and a bit of March I posted about the marathon that I wanted/planned to run and talked about it but I feel as if I am doing the right thing according to my prayers and God’s guidance.

In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.
Proverbs 16:9


Have you ever had an abrupt change of plans? 


  1. Oh girl, this sounds a lot like when I quit swimming. If your heart isn’t into it or it’s not for you-then it will become bothersome and not feel as fun as before, you know?

    You have plenty of time to run a marathon. I think right now it’s not in the cards, but you will rock your half!

  2. I know it was hard to write this post and decide not to do the marathon, but I agree that you did the right thing. You have years to run a marathon- one of our coaches is 50 and does marathons all the time. Our club has another coach who qualified for Boston, he’s already run 3 marathons just in 2012 alone. And hey, one of my coworkers started running 5Ks last year- at 60. So that’s a whole 40 years for ya right there. You will rock your half and your 5Ks and it’s still amazing that you did those long runs. Family always comes before races and running because a race will occur every year and more and more of them are happening as the sport of running gets more popular.

  3. I’m sure it was very difficult for you to come to this decision, but it shows grace, wisdom, and humility on your part to accept that this is not your time. You are wise beyond your years, girl. Your insight and acceptance of yourself will serve you so well!

    I have had many, MANY abrupt changes in plans. Some have rocked me to the core and taken me a while to recover. However, they have been some of the best things that have ever happened to me because they opened up new opportunities for growth. I wouldn’t have been given some amazing gifts if those curveballs hadn’t happened.

  4. Hey deary! I value your decision! Family and faith outweigh marathons any day! Anyway, I just requested to change from the full to the half for the marathon this year…I don’t think I should risk any more injury than I already have!

  5. I’ve only started running again, after a series of injuries, but I find myself injured again, which completely wipes out my list of 5ks in the next 2-3 weeks!

  6. I think you are making a great decision, girl. Your relationship with God is very important and it’s great that you realized this is not the right time for you. You’ll kick some booty when you do find the right time, for sure.

  7. It is amazing the way things work out when we put our trust and faith in God. The same thing happened to use for our first house that we ALMOST bought, but then prayed and God had different plans. We now have an amazing house that we absolutely love way more than the first one. God works in mysterious ways if you are willing to trust him.

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