iced coffee

Recent Eats

First things first in the foodie department: I finally put up my recipe for mac & cheese! Also, I have another recipe soon to come. Here’s a sneak preview:It involves cornflakes and peanut butter. Can’t go wrong with that combo!

Now for the recent eats:

Microwave popcorn

Luna bar & Italian bread with peanut butter

An apple with peanut butter

Hard boiled eggs. These we a snack before I taught Spinning the other night.

A severely under-cooked microwave corn muffin for one. I love dough.

Blackened tofu

A de-constructed stir fry dinner

Chicken Alfredo at Eat n Park

Steak salad topped with red peppers and onions from a local cafe

Salmon salad, also from a local cafe

Salsa chicken. This was almost a disaster. I was going to use my family’s outdoor grill for the first time but it ran out of gas… after I pull all the raw chicken on the grill. George Foreman saved the day though!

Lots of drinks. I’m always thirsty.

Coffee and my Bible. My favorite way to start the day.

Iced coffee and my Bible. My other favorite way to start the day 😉


Bible verse of the day:Zephaniah 3:17


I’m just hanging around my house today (for the most part..) and then teaching Spinning tonight at 4:30 and 7:15. Hope you have a great day!

What’s the best thing you’ve ate lately?


Remember how I said I was going to be doing something surprising on Saturday? Well, the surprise didn’t happen. I got snowed/iced in on Friday night/Saturday morning. I had a fun day anyways and the surprise will be postponed until February. Hopefully the weather will cooperate! This was the scene outside my window around noon, after the snowplow came.

Since I didn’t do “the surprise” on Saturday, I had fun doing other things this weekend like:

1. Running on the dreadmill. I ran 32 miles last week. Not too shabby, but I didn’t go along with my 2012 goal of running in the cold 2x a week. Oh well!2. Eating delicious food. Typical.Iced coffee after an ice storm. Hmmm…MochaChicken tenders, mac & cheese, and green beans.I went out to eat with Jimmy at Eat n Park and got the rosemary chicken with white wine sauce.

3. Did a little bit of homework with a side of peanut butter.4. Woke up looking crazy and messy.5. Walked Lola on a local trail! I don’t have a picture but she was really happy to play in the white powder.


I can’t believe Penn State has already started the third week of the spring semester! I am finally beginning to feel settled into my classes and the coursework. It feels good and I wish I could go back to three weeks ago when I was so nervous and tell myself that everything would be okay. That’s life though!

I’m thinking about writing up an informational post on eating seasonally. What do you guys think? What are your favorite winter foods?!