Pancakes & things i’m loving


I got to cook at Jimmy’s house this past weekend. I decided to make pancakes and I found all sorts of goodies in their cupboards such as sprinkles, pink sugar, and cocoa powder. I had fun with it!


Things I’m Loving

Spending time with my little sister!

Drawing and coloring

Iced mocha’s and iced coffee

The flowers in my front yard… anyone know what kind of flowers these are?! I have no clue.


Other things I’m lovingPhilippians 4:5-6,  walking Lola, not having homework, swimming, hanging out outside after church.

What are you loving lately?


  1. You and your sister seem like you have such a good relationship! Like you’re best friends! I love that! I wish my sister lived near me so I could see her more often 😦 Those pancakes look amazing BTW! I love all the different varieties in one meal!

  2. They look like day lillies or tiger Lillie’s! I loveeeee spending time with my sister so I know how you feel!!!

  3. The flowers look like daylilies to me but I don’t know the specific kind. My mom use to have them in her yard, I think tiger lilies most likely. They are pretty.

    Your coffee and pancakes look delish! So cool that you got to experiment with the stuff in the cupboards at Jimmy’s!

  4. Mmm, sprinkle pancakes look like so much fun to eat!
    I love all of the iced coffee/mochas! Those taste so good when the weather is warm! I’m sipping hot coffee today since I woke up to dark skies and tons of storms on the radar, but iced coffee is definitely my favorite.

    I tried making PB iced coffee the other day but couldn’t taste the PB at all…? I whipped up almond milk and a huge scoop of PB in the blender before pouring it into my iced coffee. I might try it again with more PB next time. haha

    You and Hannah are so pretty! I love how good of friends you guys are!

    And I love that you’ve been drawing and coloring lately–that’s one of my favorite things ever!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1) yay for pretty, fun, and delicious pancakes!
    2) i just had coffee , yet now im craving an iced coffee! 😀
    3) yay for family time!
    4) coloring- YES!

    happy day!

  6. Mmm, pancakes. I want to buy a griddle for them, I just can’t master pancake-making with my current pan. And drawing and coloring? Do we get to see any of your art??

  7. I don’t know what those flowers are either, but they are growing in our backyard!

  8. Pancakes are my latest addiction – I’ve had them for 5 days straight and have no shame 😀
    Love the ones with the sprinkles 🙂

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