Bernese Mountain Dog

Welcome to the Family, Mavis

Well, Jimmy and I are officially outnumbered by pets! We welcomed our third fur baby this past weekend. Her name is Mavis and she’s an eight week old cocker spaniel!

brown and white cocker spaniel puppyBrown and white cocker spaniel puppy

We are having fun getting to know her and helping her adjust to her new home. Lola and Malcolm are enjoying their new friend, and Jimmy and I are tired from quite a few middle of the night potty breaks 😉

Mavis is rambunctious, curious, and incredibly sweet. Overall, we are just loving our new little family member! I’ll post more about her soon!


Day Date

Jimmy and I both took Friday off of work and spent the day together. It was a special little day date and I loved every second of it!

We woke up sometime after 6 am and had a nice, slow morning. We drank coffee, ate breakfast, I read my Bible and journaled, and Jimmy played video games. I also prepped some things for a special dinner I had planned for us.

Well, I tried to write in my journal...

Well, I tried to write in my journal…


Around noon, we headed out for lunch. We had a gift card to Red Lobster, so we enjoyed some delicious rainbow trout and steak.


After polishing off lunch, we decided to try and finish up some Christmas shopping.

We wandered around a few stores, including HomeGoods, where Jimmy found this… platter? Decoration? Whatever it was, he was fascinated by it and wanted me to take a picture of him holding it.


We browsed around a toy store that had trains (Jimmy’s favorite!) and went to a pet store with plenty of puppies (my favorite!). Jimmy even indulged me and let me hold a Bernese Mountain Dog. Berners are one of my most favorite dog breeds 🙂


Those paws!

After we had our fill of trains and puppies, we were cold (the average temperature for the day was 12°F) and hungry, so we headed home and had a pizza party!

I had started the dough early in the morning and we each made our own personal pizza–mine topped with tomatoes and onions and Jimmy’s with pepperoni–and then I started a pet sitting job that lasted until Sunday.


We ended the evening watching Gold Rush and snuggling. It was a wonderful day together, and reminded me of how important (and enjoyable) it is to date my husband!